147 weeks and 5 days | Revolutions and Resolutions for 2016

Well, that’s it. Christmas is well and truly over and we’re into a brand new year. Here are my resolutions for 2016

The warm glow and heady excitement of the festive season has dissipated and we find ourselves in a strange period of change.

Or *thinking* about change, at least.

Last year I made 4 — and stuck to 3.5 of them.

Here’s a quick look back over what I resolved to do in 2015 — how I got on — and what I plan to do this year.


My Resolutions for 2016

Number 1.

I am going to squash as much as I can into every day.

Tick. In fact I squashed SO much into each day that I almost dropped the balls on a few occasions.

This year’s first resolution is to get a better separation between home and work. My GINORMO printer is currently residing in our dining room and my work often clutters the dining table. I have been promising myself a garden building since before the boys were born; to be able to close the door on my work — and walk away from it — at the end of the day, would be amazing. So on 23rd December my new workroom was delivered (in flatpack form).

It will take a couple of months to build and get it all up and running (at least) but it’s finally happening

*squeals and claps hands*.

And that’s good enough for me.

Number 2.

Grow my blog. Go from a free WordPress site to self hosted. Write — as well as I can — as often as I can, about things that interest me.


Moving from a free site to a self hosted one was the best thing I could possibly have done. For anyone pondering on whether to make the move, or not, I’d say do it! Right away. You won’t regret it.

So following on from that, my second resolution this year is to hone my craft. Use a planner. Get a grip on what I’m doing, rather than winging it.

I’d like to do more making and doing posts. I did quite a few makeover projects last year — Dolly the caravan being the largest and I’d like to do more of the same this year. The garden office is going to feature heavily in the blog, I’m sure.

That’s going to be a makeover and a half! Watch this space :)

Number 3.

I’m going to go to a blogging conference.

Tick. This was definitely one of the most fulfilling aspects of last year! Meeting my online friends in ‘real life’ and forging real-life friendships was such a fantastic and worthwhile experience. Blogging is an incredibly sociable pastime and meeting the people you chat to online — and over social media — is one of the best things about this industry. So my third resolution is to do more of the same but also to nurture the friendships that I already have.

Last year I worked so hard — and was so busy— for such a lot of the time (including weekends) that I didn’t see a lot of the people that I wanted to catch up with.

2016 is a year for friends; for parties and get-togethers. For long, boozy, lunches and impromptu camping trips — or days out. By planning my work a little better {see resolution 2} and separating it from my home-life {see resolution 1}, it will give me extra time to spend with friends and family.

And finally.

Number 4.

Grow my product ranges.

Ah. Ok. This is where I fell down slightly.

I did create a couple of new papercuts, last year, but not nearly as many as I’d planned to. I was so focused on blogging that it took a fair bit — OK, quite a lot — of my attention away from other things.

Mooks Design Limited

This year I am going to create some lovely new products for my Mooks Design website; similar to this papercut letter that I created for my friend’s birthday last month.


And that, my friends, is it.

Once again, I plan on moving and shaking — bettering myself — and learning new things. Last year taught me that our lives can change, literally, in a heartbeat. There’s no point putting off, until tomorrow, what we can do today.

There’s always a good time to do new things but a brand new year is the perfect incentive for starting a revolution.



a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.


a sudden, complete or marked change in something.

Have you made any resolutions for 2016?

49 thoughts on “147 weeks and 5 days | Revolutions and Resolutions for 2016”

  1. Well done accomplishing your goals, Caro! Moving to self-hosted was a big one, I remember when you did that. Best of luck with your 2016 goals, I know you will accomplish them all! I’d love to attend a blogging conference this year. Do you have one you recommend going to? #TheList x

    • Aah thanks so much lovely! Last year was such a big year – I’m hoping to get a better balance this year though.

      I absolutely LOVED the BlogCamp I went to – it was the perfect introduction. Small enough not to feel overwhelming but I learnt lots too.

      This year I’ve booked to go to Blognix and Blogtacular – I’ll give Britmums a miss – and will definitely go to Blogfest again if it’s on – I absolutely loved that! ? Really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it! I really hope to meet you at some point – it would be great to catch up in real life!! Xx

  2. Oh Caro I love that you went back through your resolutions from last year and you accomplished so many almost all. That’s SOOO impressive. IT was so lovely to see you at a conference this year too. I love going to them. I am hoping to get to a few this year too. I hate make resolutions that I never end up sticking to. I always pick things way to far of reach so this year I have one word to “simplify” everything. That goes for my home, my work, family life everything. I was running ragged last year fitting it all in. The house feels cluttered so I am getting rid of everything that is unneeded or unwanted on ebay and my work instead of blogging everyday because I have so much in my head to share I am picking and choosing things and sticking to fewer categories than normal. Sometimes it’s nice to step back after hitting it for so long so hard. I blogging almost twice or at least once a day for 2 years and I took my first two weeks off at Christmas to reevaluate life’s worth and where things need to be. Post like this always motivate me. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope to see you again this week for another great round. #sharewithme

    • Thanks SO much chickie :) It was such a busy year! Wow — I can’t believe you were blogging once or twice a day?!! I wouldn’t be able to sustain that — that’s hardcore! My biggest goal is balance this year, definitely. I like your ‘simplify’ goal — that’s a nice one to have :) It was SO lovely to meet you last year!! Am booked for Blognix and Blogtacular this year (think I’m giving Britmums a miss) — and I may do Blogfest again too cos I really enjoyed that :) Hope to see you at one of them xx

  3. Hello, you just came up as a friend suggestion to me on Instagram & I liked the sound of your name (fickle!) so I clicked on your feed & saw lots of lovely pictures so I clicked on your blog link & noticed you have an office garden board on Pinterest (me too!) and then read your resolutions post & noticed we had both linked up with #abitofeverything & now I’m hooked! Great blog! It’s a work of art. Will definitely be following the progression of your garden office with interest! I have a spot marked out for mine, just have to get my husband on board! Can I ask a question as I’ve seen it mentioned a lot but I only started blogging last summer so still pretty clueless – what’s the difference between having a wp site & a self hosted one? Xx

    • Hello Nicole!! Thanks so much for getting in touch. :) So delighted you found me!! And thanks so much for your lovely comment too — that’s lovely of you!! Excited that you also have a garden office in the pipeline! I am ridiculously excited about mine. It’s been a pipe-dream for SO long. I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

      Re self hosted:— initially I had a blog on WordPress.com — it was totally free and lived on the WordPress site. When I went self hosted, I bought a domain name (www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk) and appointed a hosting company to host my blog on their platform — still using a WordPress blog — but totally independent from Wordpess.com. They transferred all my old posts from my free blog to the new domain, so I still had all my content. It just looks very different these days and I have far more control over things :) Does that make sense?! Have just read it back and it sounds really confusing!! Being self hosted means you have much more freedom with your blog. If you’re serious about blogging and plan to continue for any length of time, I would highly recommend it! Any questions — just ask! xx

      • Hi Caro,

        Thanks so much for your lovely reply. Do you mind my asking who you bought your domain name through please? And does it matter, they must all do the same thing? LOVE your blog! Xx

      • I guess it doesn’t matter who you buy the domain from but if you instruct your hosts to purchase it on your behalf, it means that it won;t need to be transferred over again at a later date, as it’s all being dealt with by the same people! The company I use are called IFDNRG — they’re fabulous! I highly recommend them! If you call them, ask to speak to Andy and tell him I sent you! :)

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