Our Happy Home | A Bathroom Tour

A couple of months ago I took part in a fab upcycling challenge for Hillarys Blinds and turned a little shoe rack — that used to house towels in our bathroom — into a little bench seat.

I took some pics whilst I was doing it, with the intention of creating a little tour for one of the smallest rooms in our house.

As ever, time rolls on and the post that I expected to publish two months ago got shelved.

Needless to say, I’ve only just remembered it!

A Bathroom Tour

So, this room falls in the middle of our house — literally. It’s on the middle floor and on the landing between all the rooms. And it’s pretty tiny.

That said, there’s no reason why such a small space can’t be lovely. Particularly when the age old adage states ‘good things come in small packages’.

This little bathroom gets a lot of use. The Twinkles had their first bath in here — my boy showers in here.

We’ve got a large ensuite bathroom off our dressing room which I tend to use more but as our cottage doesn’t have a downstairs loo, this little room sees a lot of action.

So to speak.


So What Is Here?

The decor is pretty simple.

There is a small bath — with a shower over it — and sea-green glass metro tiles, on the walls surrounding it.


Soft white walls and a white Roman blind above a window overlooking the garden.

Colour is pretty minimal but there are a couple of flashes here and there.


An orchid in a tin pot from H&M Home that ties in really well with the tiles.


A room spray from L’Occitane. My favourite smell in whole world — fig leaf.


The mirror was from The White Company. I love the fact that it has a useful shelf to put things on. The hand-wash and silvered glass hand-cream dispenser were both from HomeSense.


And the little shoe-rack window seat — now ties in much better since it’s been given a makeover!


It’s restful and feels clean and bright. The wooden beams in the wall — and the engineered oak floor —add warm tones to the colour-scheme and stop it looking too clinical.

Bathroom Tour Floorplan

So there we have it. The smallest room in our home — perfectly formed and fully functional.

I think, my friends, this is perhaps what an estate agent would term as ‘compact and bijoux’.

It may be the smallest room in the house but it’s certainly one that’s gets the most use! ;)

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

36 thoughts on “Our Happy Home | A Bathroom Tour

  1. You are such a genius. That converted shoe rack makes a perfect little bench seat. And I love the way you have echoed the green of the tiles around the room. What a gorgeous little bathroom. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. Love it all! The green is beautiful and the tiles so pretty. You’ve done a great job. And the shoe rack window seat os superb!!!!!! LOVE! Thanks for co-hosting and being so fab xxxxx #HomeEtc

    1. Aah thanks lovely!!! Finally getting around to doing these room tours! It will be time to redecorate by the time I’ve finished!! ;) Thanks for hosting with me — love our linky xx

  3. Love your bathroom! Those tiles are just gorgeous! I am in the middle of trying to decide on what theme to choose for our bathroom! xx

    1. Aaah thanks lovely!! It’s worked well for us — I;m not bored of it yet!! ;) That’s always the biggest challenge for me when decorating… always making sure that I don’t go off it after 5 minutes!! ;)

  4. I love your cute bathroom. That green is a lovely colour. Our bathroom desperately needs attention but I’m not sure I want to prioritise it over other rooms that need the money spent on them too. Another project for the ‘long term to-do list’! Do you have a home tour post? I’d love to see it!

    1. Aah thanks so much Sue! It’s such a little space — I didn’t want anything too overpowering but I didn’t want plain white either, in this case.. The sea-green is a lovely compromise! :)

  5. It’s absolutely gorgeous Caro, I love every single bit of it. I love the tiles, what a gorgeous colour. So calming. x

    1. Aah thanks darling! I’m such a fan of white tiles in bathrooms generally but the sea-green gives the illusion of more space, as the colour is receeding. Plus, as they’re glass, they bounce the light around too, making everywhere feel just that little bit bigger! When space it as a premium you need all the help you can get! ;) Thanks for stopping by xx

  6. I love this room! It’s soooo my taste! Bright and airy and I love the glass tiles! You’ve given me inspiration for my en suite! I too have a shoe rack just like that not doing anything and you’ve given me an idea. Do you have a post on how you did it? #HomeEtc

  7. That colour!! I love seeing bathroom inspiration for when we eventually get round to our bathroom and en-suite renovations and those tiles are so pretty. It looks such a relaxing space and I’d be delighted with a bathroom like that! X

    1. The colour is lovely isn’t it — quite ‘watery’ so I think it works well!! I didn’t want plain white and a stringer colour in such a small space would have been quite hectic!! x

  8. Love what you’ve done with this – the green tiles are perfect with the wood and I love all of the cottage-like touches you’ve added. I would love to have a cottage one day, they are so inviting! #HomeEtc

  9. Oh Caro, it’s beautiful. Exactly how a country cottage bathroom should be. I adore those tiles. The colour!! I’m a huge fan of brights but we have that sea green/duck egg colour in our bedroom and it’s so restful. Like a little oasis of calm.

    1. Aah thanks Rachel :) Yes — I’m a fan of bright too — but not so much in this house. Apart from the boy’s room — and my old office — it doesn’t seem to work in this space at all xx

  10. What beautiful bathroom. I love the tiles. Believe me, this is not small. It looks positively palatial compared to our one tiny bathroom. I know exactly what you mean about it getting a lot of footfall… we don’t have a downstairs loo either, and little boys are not known for their aim. Sigh. I’m sorry to say it only gets worse. But I suppose at some point they will get better. #HomeEtc

    1. Gosh I’ve always thought how little it is!! It certainly feels TINY in comparison to our ensuite — that’s double the size!! Am DREADING the wee on the floor/walls/ceiling dilemma!! Can they stay in nappies til they’re 18?! ;)

    1. Thanks lovely!! That little shoe rack sat under the window for so long!! There was not a lot that would fit there and it was the perfect size — not so perfect looking though!! At least it ties in nicely now :) xx

  11. I love the tiles, they are such a pretty shade without dominating the space – just gorgeous. It looks like a lovely space and not that small to me, especially compared to our tiny new build ones x

    1. I love the tiles too. I’m a real ‘white’ kinda gal, usually, with things like that but they’re lovely. Not too in-your-face — they’re a receding colour — and make the wall seem further away than it actually is :)

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