Our Plans for an Ensuite Bathroom Makeover

What do Bowler hat lights & egg shaped baths have in common? They both feature in my plans for our ensuite bathroom makeover!

I love our home. It’s Grade 2 listed — built in 1690 something — and I think the best way to describe it is ‘quirky’,

I love the wonky walls. The tin roof (I’m not joking). The light, the history, the feeling of calm.

I love it all.

Apart from our ensuite bathroom (and the kitchen but that’s another post entirely!).

Old and New

Our ensuite is much larger than the main family bathroom that the Twinkles use — almost twice the size — but it’s just not a very inspiring space. 

We’ve put our stamp on (almost) every room in our home, so far, and I think that the time has come to give this little sanctuary a much needed makeover.

I keep meaning to paint it and have settled on the same lovely, warm Farrow and Ball grey that I’ve used in other parts of the house. But, asides from that, my boy and I are undecided. Should we go down the traditional route? Which would probably be more inkeeping with the period of our property. Or super modern.

Personally, I’m a big fan of super-modern in an old property – assuming it’s done well!

I love the combination of period features — sash windows or ornate cornicing — with the clean lines of a shiny, modern sink.

Or some exposed brickwork playing  off a shiny, designer tap.

So I’ve been having a look and have decided to come up with a proposal for Dickie, to show him the kind of thing I have in my head. It’s always better to fight your corner, when armed with a watertight plan, after all ;)


I’ve decided on a monochrome palette; chalky grey walls with touches of charcoal and black. To give it a bit of an edge.  

And after all, if you start with a basic colour palette, adding a pop of colour with some new towels or a bowl of colourful soaps — or flowers — is an easy way to bring in a new colour, when you fancy it, without having to give everything an overhaul.

I’ve gathered together some things I like — pieces that I can see working well together — that will also sit nicely in our quirky little home; to see if I can persuade my boy that a mix of über modern with lovely vintage finds might work for our ensuite.

Have a look and see what you think…

Our Ensuite Bathroom Makeover

Planning an Ensuite Bathroom Makeover

So running clockwise, above, we have:

1. Innermost Jeeves Bowler Hat Pendant Light by Jake Phipps — Heals
2. Chook Wall Shelf — Loaf
3. Manor House Grey Paint — Farrow & Ball
4. Plantation Shutters, Kelly Hoppen — Shutterly Fabulous
5. Steel Towels — John Lewis
6. Freestanding Egg Bath, Moods — Bella Bathrooms
7. White Masters Chair, Phillipe Starck — Graham & Green
8. Marquis Tall White and Chrome Traditional Radiator, Hudson Reed  — Bella Bathrooms
9. Single Lever Side Action Basin Mixer Tap, Hudson Reed — Bella Bathrooms
10. Patrizia Square Bowl Sink, RAK — Bella Bathrooms

And hopefully, once it’s all together, it will look a little like this.

Our Ensuite Bathroom Makeover
The perfect bathroom makeover? I think so! |Image courtesy of Pinterest — see it on my board below

I’m a real ‘bath’ kinda gal and love nothing than languishing in a lovely tub, full of  hot, sudsy water.  Either until I’ve read my Red magazine from cover to cover — or my fingers start to resemble prunes — whichever comes first :)

A bathroom like the one above would be the perfect place to do just that.

I’ve put a little Pinterest board together too, so you can see more of the kind of things that have been giving me inspiration for my bathroom makeover.

Pop over and have a look — and wish me luck, trying to persuade my husband that we need a big, egg shaped bath! :)

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

41 thoughts on “Our Plans for an Ensuite Bathroom Makeover

  1. I love this Caro! Good luck with getting it done. I#ve no doubt you’ll make a fab job of it. I spent about two years planning and nagging about our downstairs bathroom. It was a hideous early ’80s beige, tiled from floor to ceiling and badly planned. Finally last summer we got started on it and it has turned out better than I’d hoped. The post is in the making and I hope to add it to HomeEtc soon.

    1. Thanks SO much Fionnuala!! I keep changing my mind on how I want it!! And also, I’ve just been given the go ahead on my home office, from my boy, so think that might be the first project!! ;)

  2. Oo I thinkI have house envy, yours sounds gorgeous. Love the ideas and love love love the grey!! #twinklytuesdays

  3. Oh that bath! Husband Twinkle…Caro needs that bath! If you do end up with your wish of it looking like this, is will be the most wonderful place to relax! I adore the sound of your house – sounds like my absolute dream!! Thanks for being my fab co-host lovely lady – #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Oh wow that looks absolutely gorrrrrgeous!! I love that soft grey, we have it in our bedroom – it did take some persuading of the other half though!! Love the shutters too, and those light fittings are awesome! x

    1. We have grey all over the house so persuading my boy to do that will be a doddle… it’s the rest of it I’m worried about!! I need a lottery win! That would swing it for me!! :)

  5. I love this look and I bet it will be amazing in a period house. I love ultra modern and would love a real old house to be able to do something similar with. But, we live in a new build that you can do absolutely zip with because it’s so characterless! Would love to see some pictures of the finished job

    1. Thanks Sam! I think you can add character to a modern house! Even by adding cornicing or fireplaces! There’s always something that can be done to give a place a bit of a twist! x

  6. I’m so jealous- our en-suite is horrible it it’s really far down the list of things to do in our house. I love your ideas- especially the bath.

  7. I so want that bath!!!! Stunning. #Twinkly Tuesday

  8. Oh wow – those bowler hat lights are awesome – so unique! You’ve put together a lovely selection, it will be very calming. Good luck actually doing it, I look forward to seeing the finished room :-) #twinklytuesday
    Sabrina x

  9. Love those ideas for your bathroom makeover – think it will look stunning when it is finished and going for a monochrome palette is a great idea as then you can change colour pops more easily with the accessories. #twinklytuesday

    1. Thanks Louise! Changing a room’s colour-scheme through accessories is definitely the way forward! Such a great way of transforming the look of a room, on a shoestring!

  10. I love modern in a period property too, I love love love that bath, this is what I am choosing when we do our bathroom if it will fit, which I think it will, great taste Caro x

  11. I love that grey and can’t wait to see how it turns out in the end! Our bathroom (only have 1) desperately needs an overhaul but sadly its right pretty much at the bottom of our extremely long list of work that needs doing. It’s a shame everything costs so darn much!

    1. I’m so with you… chances are the end result with be a VERY watered down version of my wish-list!! :) As my mother-in-law always says, ‘all you need is money’! ;)

  12. Yes love this look! I have gone for traditional bathroom suite in my country cottage. I think it works well and I love it. Those shutters are adorable!! Can’t wait to see the results :) Jess x

    1. Thanks lovely! Me too! Although I think money will be the deciding factor in this makeover! We may have to just keep the existing fittings and update the colour and (hopefully) window dressings!! x

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