Operation She Shed | #1 My Flatpack Garden Office

she shed garden office
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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I work from home. You’ll also know that I’ve been dreaming of of a garden office for the last three and a half years.

I used to have a dedicated workspace — a room that housed everything I needed — a GIGANTIC printer, my desk and computer, guillotines, folding machines, reams and reams of card stock and envelopes plus various other paraphernalia that I use, in my day to day working life.

But when I was pregnant, we decided to turn the room into a nursery for the twins. So we dismantled my office, piece by piece.

A lot of the non-essentials were boxed up to take residence in my husband’s office (25 miles away) and I began to work from a corner of our dining room. Once a lovely, tidy, homely space, it became the home for my big ugly printer.

My desk sat in the corner of the room and the dining table, more often than not, was covered in paper and work detritus.

From that point, I thought endlessly about having an office in a garden building. I wrote about it, talked about it, and pinned inspiration on my dream garden office Pinterest board.

Now, if you’ve ever looked into garden offices, you’ll know that they come with a hefty price tag. For a decent sized building — and I wanted one at least 10 ft by 12 ft — they can start at a minimum of £3.5K and spiral upwards in cost from there.

Good ones need insulating, lighting, heating.

We just didn’t have that kind of money to burn either so — after a lot of thought — we decided to go down the DIY route.

So in December of last year — after much discussion — my boy and I decided to bite the bullet and buy a large shed, with the intention of turning it into a garden office.

My garden building arrived in kit form in the first week of January.

My Flatpack Garden Office
My Flatpack Garden Office
My Flatpack Garden Office
My Flatpack Garden Office
My Flatpack Garden Office
My Flatpack Garden Office

A gazillion miles away from the lovely painted building I had in my mind. This was a vision of flat-pack and was going to be a bigger job than your average IKEA wardrobe.

We’d gone for a 10 ft by 16 ft, so —when it was actually built — it would be a similar sized room to the one I had before.

But that was exactly it.

‘When it was actually built.’

My boy and I had limited resources, limited time and limited skills. But, we had made a decision — probably a ridiculous one — that we were going to do this ourselves.

Now, my lovely boy is not a builder — or a carpenter — he wears a suit, Monday to Friday, and works in an office. But we have taken on 3 house renovations (almost single handedly), and he is amazingly talented at anything — and everything — he turns his hand to. And I can paint.

So  this is how my garden office started life.

A pile of wood in the back garden.

PS — I’m going to be sharing updates on my garden office build over the coming months. Please join me on my journey — I can’t wait to share what I’ve been doing, here on my blog! xx

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

36 thoughts on “Operation She Shed | #1 My Flatpack Garden Office

  1. Can’t wait to see your she-shed when it’s finished! We actually have a large shed at the bottom of our garden, installed by the previous owner of our house. My husband has rigged it up with electricity, so there’s now a sofa and TV down there. It’s also the place my husband and daughter disappear off to…it’s their den. It would make a good workspace for me, but I hardly step foot in it because of the huge spiders that have made it their home *shudders* #HomeEtc

    1. Oh bless you!!!! I used to suffer with crippling arachnophobia before I got it sorted at London Zoo’s Friendly Spider Programme, so I totally understand that!! You should get it all boarded out inside so it’s a spider free zone! :)

  2. I’m so in love with this post, what a good idea. I work from home on my days off and used to work from home full time and always felt uninspired, i love being outdoors too so this would be the perfect solution. I can’t wait to see updates! #homeetc

    1. Thanks Cydney! I’ve been so desperate to share what we’ve been doing but it’s taken FOREVER to get it in a state where I’m ready to start posting about it!! My printer and desk’s going in this evening!! :)

  3. I can’t wait to see how this turns out, you’ve been waiting this for so long so I’m sure it’s going to be really beautiful!


    1. We’ve always been the same — I’m not sure if it’s brave or foolhardy to be honest!!! A lot of the time it’s down to cost — so we’ve always learnt to do things ourselves. It’s lovely to reach the end of a big project and know that we did it all ourselves though xx

  4. I too dream of a garden office – although I think mine would have to also be a potting shed of some sort, I really want one of those too. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that big pile of pieces! #HomeEtc

  5. I’m so excited to see it when it’s finally ready! I know what you mean about having a dedicated work space – it will make all the difference!

  6. This is so fantastic – everyone should have one! Can’t wait to see how it progresses. I bet it is frustrating as these projects always take longer than you hope don’t they? But it will be worth it! x

    1. I’m totally with you — everyone definitely should have one!! :) There was so much to do — any normal person would have got a man in but it’s just not our style to do that!! You’re right though, it will all be worth it!! :)

      1. It takes ages with some posts doesn’t it? I keep thinking my posts will be rattled off in an hour and the one I did today took me about 4-5 hours and that after I got all of my pictures lined up for it yesterday. Note to self: stop doing posts that have tonnes of pictures and links in them. PLease tell me I’m not the only one who takes ages writing their posts!!

        1. NO!!! You are definitely NOT the only one!!!!! I spend absolutely AGES writing my posts. And even longer, taking, choosing and editing the pictures that I’m going to show IN the post!! Whoever says that blogging is ‘easy’ has obviously never done it!!!! ;) xx

          1. I’m glad I’m not alone!!! I don’t seem to have had any straightforward, easy posts lately! They are all massive! And even when I don’t intend for them to be massive, they end up being massive!!!

  7. This is such an exciting project! I can’t wait to see more of how it’s progressing. How fantastic would it be to have a garden room office!?!

    Gemma x
    The British Feather – A UK Lifestyle & Home Decor Blog

  8. Crikey, I never knew garden offices were that expensive! The DIY option looks quite a job, so I can only admire you and your boy for taking it on – looking forward to following the journey!

    1. They are SO blooming expensive!!! Quite a well known garden office manufacturers boasts ‘Stunning Garden Offices – All inclusive from £9,995 inc. VAT‎’
      GULP. Even my car didn’t cost that much!!!!

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