Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake {You’re Welcome}

What will be on your Christmas pudding menu this year? Sherry trifle? Traditional Christmas pud? I can tell you that both of those will be on ours — along with this little beauty. A super easy no bake Malteser Cheesecake.


I made it a couple of week’s ago for a festive get-together with friends and it’s the perfect, show-stopping finish to a meal.

Or just enjoyed on your it’s own.

{With a Christmas film on the box and a blanket wrapped around your legs maybe.} Aaah lovely…

Sorry — I appear to have drifted off there for a moment — back in the room now.

Here’s the recipe.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

How To Make Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

You will need:
For the base —
300g chocolate covered biscuits (I used Cadbury Wheaties)
75g butter
1 tablespoon of coconut oil (if you’re not keen on coconut, replace this with another 25g of butter — if you like coconut, you will love this)

For the cheesecake topping —
540g Philadelphia (or similar cream cheese). I used one 180g pack of full fat and two 180g packs of Light Philadelphia. If you’re not calorie counting, go the whole hog and use all full fat!
Half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
110g icing sugar
6 tbsp Horlicks (or a similar malt based drinking powder)
300ml double cream
2 bags of Maltesers (I used the 93g bags)
1 pack of edible gold leaf to decorate

For the base —

Grease  a 25cm/10″ springform tin and line with greaseproof paper.

Blitz the biscuits into fine crumbs.

You can do this by popping them into a bag and bashing them with a rolling pin.

OR — and I much prefer this method — use a food processor.

I’ve got a fantastic little gadget called a Blend Active, which has an accessory pack that can chop, whip, grind and juice.

It makes mincemeat out of the biscuits and is much, much easier (and more gratifying) than squishing them by hand.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake recipe — the tools I used
The Breville Blend Active — and it’s accessory pack — combines all the tools you need to create this recipe.
Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake
Chocolate biscuits for the base; I used Cadbury Wheaties.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake
Super simple in the Blend Active — much easier than bashing with a rolling pin!

Next, melt the butter and the coconut oil together and pour onto the biscuits.

Combine until all of the biscuits are coated in the golden liquid.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake — pour in the oil

Tip the coated biscuit crumbs into the tin you prepared earlier.

Then press them firmly into the base with the back of a spoon, until they’re as smooth as flat as you can possibly get them.

Pop it into the fridge, to chill, whilst you get on with the cheesecake topping.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake
Smooth the biscuit base down, pressing with the back of a spoon.
For the cheesecake topping —

Spoon the Philadelphia into a bowl, add the lemon juice, then mix until nice and smooth.

The addition of lemon juice is purely a personal one. I’ve read lots and lots of recipes that don’t include any; but I think it gives the cheesecake a lovely flavour.

It cuts through all of the sweetness — which could potentially be a little cloying — and adds another dimension.

Plus, it gives me the excuse to use the juicer on my handy little Blend Active.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake
The Blend Active has a handy juicer attachment.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake Recipe

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake | Juicing the lemon
Easy Peasy — Lemon Squeezy

Sieve in the icing sugar and fold it in to the mix.

Once it’s combined, add the Horlicks (or malt powder) and mix until smooth.

Next, whisk the double cream until stiff then gently fold into the velvety mixture.

Again, I used my little Breville to whip the cream. The bottle it came with takes exactly 300ml, so it’s perfect for this recipe.

Once the cream is well combined, add a packet of of smashed Maltesers into the mix, then stir them in until they’re evenly distributed.

Pour the whole lot on to the chilled biscuity base, then smooth it out as best you can.

Then use the second pack of Maltesers to decorate the cheesecake.

I like to sprinkle more broken Maltesers over the top, then add a cluster of whole Maltesers to the center of the dessert.

Return to the fridge to firm up, for at least 2 hours.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

When you’re ready to serve your masterpiece, pop open the springform tin and transfer it straight onto a serving plate.

Finally, gently brush the gold leaf on to the whole Malteser balls in the middle of the cheesecake.

Obviously, this last bit is purely for decoration. You can omit it if you can’t be bothered. It definitely doesn’t add anything to the taste — but it does look a million dollars.

Slice, serve and enjoy.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake
Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake — A Christmas Showstopper!

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake
The David Beckham of Cheesecakes


We should rename this ‘David Beckham Pie’ really. After all, wasn’t Victoria’s pet-name for him ‘Golden Balls’?

But anyway. Whether your cheesecake has golden balls or not — the gold leaf is just for decoration and even if you decide not to embellish your dessert — this easy no bake Malteser cheesecake is sublime and will definitely not be lacking in any department if you decide to give it a miss.

If your friends and family like chocolate — and cheesecake — it’s one of the loveliest desserts that you can treat them to.

The coconut oil in the chocolatey biscuit base, gives the whole thing a rich and luxurious taste. And add to this, the silky-smooth, malty topping — piled high with shining baubles — that raises this from ‘standard cheesecake’ to something very special indeed.

A treat for all the senses — and the perfect festive dessert.

Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

Pop and have a look at the Breville website for more details of the Blend Active and to see the other accessories in the Blend Active collection. It’s such a brilliant little kitchen essential — definitely more than just a smoothie maker!

 Although this is a collaborative post with Breville, all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

2 thoughts on “Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake {You’re Welcome}

  1. I am giving this a go, I love Maltesers. I made the one that was floating around facebook last year and it was a total fail, basically a sloppy mess. Will let you know how I get on xx

    1. It’s a triumph Kara!! HONESTLY :) I made it for a friend just before Christmas and she made one over Christmas for her family!! So relieved that it was a success for her and it didn’t go wrong!!
      I’ve made it half a dozen times and it’s fab. It is more solid if you use full fat Philly — which I never do. If you beat the cream until it’s really very stiff (bordering on solid) it works fine with Philly Light. Good luck!! xx

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