My twin pregnancy — 22 weeks

Hello Twinkletastics,

You’ve been really busy over the last week or so :) I’ve felt much more movement than before!

In fact, last night when your daddy put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel you, we both felt — and saw — a MASSIVE kick!!! Not butterflies, but a proper ‘get off me’ nudge!!

Love it.

We’ve had such a lovely weekend… went and stayed with our best man and best Laydee on Friday night; we haven’t seen them for so long, so it was gorgeous to catch up and spend a bit of time together. Laydee gave me a whole box of maternity clothes… it felt like Christmas had come early! I’ve been going through it all today and, to be honest, most of it does not fit me but I now have two more pairs of jeans — that fit an absolute treat — which is the best thing that I could have been given!! There are a few tops that I can wear too, so I’m feeling very smart indeed!

We spent the rest of the weekend at my parent-in-law’s house… lots of the family came to stay and we had Christmas Round One! As Dickie’s brother and family live in Yorkshire, we often have a separate Christmas with them. This was a little earlier than usual, but still felt really festive and I felt very proud showing my newly cultivated bump off to everybody!

We also stopped by Mothercare and I was measured for my first maternity bras! A little like being measured for ‘your very first’ bra, but less embarrassing!! It was an utter relief to try on something that supported my boobs instead of pushing them skyward or cutting them in half! The feeling was very like putting your slippers on after wearing heels all day. Heaven!

Whilst we were there, I also bought a pillow wedge to put under my bump at night. I’ve only used it for the last two nights, so I don’t know whether it was a fluke, but last night I didn’t need to get up and go for a pee in the middle of the night once! The first time I woke properly was 7.30am this morning. THAT is quite miraculous as I have been quite uncomfortable recently and get up and go to the bathroom simply as an excuse to move about! The other night, I had so much trapped wind at 4am I ended up doing Pilates on the bathroom floor… this wedge pillow is a godsend if it manages to stop all of that!

My twin pregnancy

One more week to go until the 24 week scan. It’s next Monday, when technically I’ll only be 23 weeks and 5 days. I am feeling nervous about the cervix length as I keep reading blogs and forums where women have been put onto bed-rest due to a shortened cervix. I think mine was only 3cm at the 20 week scan, which seems to be quite short if any of these women are anything to go by.

The internet is an amazing resource but, for a lot of pregnancy related topics, it can be a nightmare… there are so many people adding their own, personal wisdom that it’s difficult to tell what information is proper, medical stuff or just from someone’s own experience. I think that the best ting to do is just wait and see what the consultant has to say next Monday!!

Speak soon X

Me at 22 weeks pregnant with twins!

PS — it’s Elderflower and Lemonade in the glass!! :)



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