My Perfume Has Been Discontinued!

Something awful has happened. My perfume has been discontinued!!

Even though I know it happened a while ago — I am still really struggling to come to terms with it.

My favourite perfume has been discontinued.

This may sound a bit dramatic (OK, I know, very dramatic. This is very much a first world problem and there are much worse things in life) but, nevertheless, I am totally gutted about it!

Since I was in my teens, I have been defined by a signature scent.

When I was 15 it was Lou Lou, by Cacharel. A sweet, intoxicating perfume. Cloying and perfect for a teen. My boyfriend at the time said, whenever he smelled it, he thought of me immediately.

(Which was often, as practically every teenage girl in the whole world Britain was wearing it.)

Lou Lou By Cacharel


Samsara by Guerlain

Then it was Samsara by Guerlain.

Spicy, exotic, dark and heavy; this was the scent of my youth. More often mixed with sweat and cigarette smoke, as I danced the night away in many a London club.

my favourite perfume has been discontinued

I wore Samsara from the age of 22 for a decade, perhaps.

Grew up. Stopped smoking. Became kinder to my body and mind and knocked the all-nighters on the head.

In between, I had dalliances with ‘flash-in-the-pan’ perfumes.

In date order… Eden, CK1, Happy by Clinique, Prada, Chanel No5 but I always came back to my favourite of the moment.

And then I found ‘The One’. Which I have been wearing ever since. The fragrance that absolutely defines me. The one that no-one ever recognises but all associate with me.

Cristobal by Balenciaga.

Cristobal by Balenciaga perfume has been discontinued

I first came across Cristobal by Balenciaga when I was shooting on location.

The location house had a dressing table strewn with beautiful, unusual bottles. I was totally transfixed by this one bottle and even more so by the scent inside. Totally and utterly captivated, I went to Liberty in my lunch break, the very next day, and bought the first of many bottles.

This perfume is absolutely the essence of me. I wear it and it sort of doesn’t even smell like I’m wearing perfume — if that makes sense?  It just smells like me.

But one day, I came to buy a new bottle and — horrors — was told it had been discontinued.

Just like that.

I have already resorted to Ebay to replenish my stock and have just a bottle and a half left. Only next time, when it’s gone, it’s gone. The prices have escalated so much that a 30ml bottle of Eau de Toilette — EDT!! not even Eau de Parfum!! — is currently going for £150. Now I love it but I definitely have my limits.

So there we are.

My Perfume Has Been Discontinued. What now?

Well, I’m on the look out for a new scent. A replacement for the most beautiful perfume I have ever had the pleasure to encounter.

A replacement for the fragrance that lifts my spirits, makes me feel confident and totally and is totally and utterly my signature scent.

What am I going to do without it?

The search is on.

Cristobal by Balenciaga perfume has been discontinued
My Signature Scent — Cristobal by Balenciaga

Do you have a signature scent? Or your perfume has been discontinued?

24 thoughts on “My Perfume Has Been Discontinued!”

  1. Aww no, that’s sad news!! I remember when my favourite chocolate bar was discontinued… the red Boost… ooh it was so good! My signature scent is Alien by Thierry Muglar, I love it. I hope you manage to find some of yours somewhere! x #pocolo

  2. Hi Caro, I have had a couple of signature scents over the years, in my younger years I wore Heavens Scent (can’t remember who it was by), but it was discontinued and I moved onto White Musk from The Body Shop. For my twenty first birthday my parents got me a bottle of Cinnabar by YSL, which I used for many years.

    I’m not sure that they even make Cinnabar anymore, but I sort of went off the scent and never found another that was really me.

    I hope you find a scent that becomes you again.


    • Thanks so much for your comment Debbie — I hope I find a new fragrance too! It seems like such a waste of time and effort in formulating a perfume, to then go and discontinue it. I’m hoping a new scent will be just around the corner! x

  3. I haven’t even thought about whether my signature scent (Chanel Allure) would ever be discontinued! I hope it doesn’t, but if it did I think I’d try to find a different Chanel one, I just love Chanel! Good luck for your search of a new perfume, or have you found one? Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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