111 weeks and 2 days |A sock and a peg

This little captured moment happened on Tuesday morning this week.

The boys were all ready for nursery and were finishing their breakfast. We were enjoying a rare moment of peace as they ate.

I sat down with my cuppa and watched them for a little while.

Each totally engrossed in what they were doing. Eating their waffles, silently contemplating whatever it is a two year old contemplates, first thing in the morning.

A sock and a peg

And as I watched them, I suddenly realised that Bertie was jealously guarding a sock and a peg that he’d stolen a little earlier on — and had the sock on one hand.

A sock and a peg.

My sweet little boy. At what age would you suddenly become too self conscious to wear a sock on your hand at the breakfast table?  Or discard the peg that you once carried around like a magic talisman?

This kind of innocence and charm is lost at some point in life. I’m not sure when. Maybe when you reach school age. A captured moment like  this is to be treasured.

captured moment
A captured moment in time | a sock and a peg

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

78 thoughts on “111 weeks and 2 days |A sock and a peg

  1. What a gorgeous captured moment. That is such a fabulous picture. Little Miss H has the same obsession with spoons. She often walks round clutching spoons with a make shift hat on her head. I wish they could stay this way forever. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Gorgeous isn’t it? What treasure do they think they have? I love how their little minds work.

      We’d be rich indeed if we stayed this way — wouldn’t we? Treasure wherever you look! :) x

  2. Ahhh!! This has to be the cutest thing ever, I still find odd things like shells or fir cones in my 11 yo’s pockets ha! And the sock and peg match , he must have his mum’s eye xx

    1. Aww — it’s lovely isn’t it? Glad that your boy still does it at 11 :) And yes — funnily enough — I noticed that!!!! A fluke, I’m sure but funny all the same! x

  3. I have already commented but my computer died so sorry if I am repeating myself! Just wanted to say I think this is so cute! Sam does similar thing, most recently with a packaging from a toy, think he loved the packaging more! #twinklytuesday x

  4. So lovely! My J is hardly ever embarrassed by anything, but M, otherwise constantly mortified, is the one who gets really creative with her clothing. At almost 9, she thinks it’s perfectly sensible to go to sleep wearing a tutu tucked inside her pyjama bottoms! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. She’s a girl after my own heart! What’s wrong with a tutu at bedtime?! ;) Thanks SO much for co-hosting Sadia — we’re so happy you’ve joined the #TwinkyTuesday team xx

  5. I love the innocence in this. It’s such a change then have to get self conscious though isn’t it. #twinklyTuesdays

  6. This is lovely, sometimes were so busy we can miss those little and lovely things in life! X

    1. It’s so true! Usually I would have been stacking the dishwasher or cleaning the worktops! SO nice to sit down for a while and soak everything up. I’d have missed it if I hadn’t slowed down for a minute x

  7. Such a wonderful thing for you to capture! I’m afraid they lose that charm when they have outside peer influence at school. Love it while you can! Stopping by from Twinkly Tuesday.

    1. Yes — I’m afraid you’re right. It’s sad isn’t it? I wish that people weren’t so affected by others and peers didn’t have such an influence from such a young age. Thanks for your comment :)

  8. Cute photo! Personally, I see nothing whatsoever wrong with wearing a sock and carrying a peg. I love tiny stones at the moment, oh and wearing one wellie indoors. ;) #TwinklyTuesday

  9. It amazes me what can actually entertain a child. It just goes to show they don’t need the latest faddy toys, and hundreds of them at that! Lovely post and beautifully captured #twinklytuesday x

    1. Ah thats so sweet, makes me well up just thinking of when my little monkey will loose the same innocence as well :(.. what a lovely moment you have captured you have inspired me to try and record some of Monkey’s before its too late xx. #TwinklyTuesdays

      1. Sometimes these moments just go unnoticed don’t they? The littles are just getting on with things and very often we miss them. It’s really worth sitting back and watching them for a little while — some of the things they do are just beautiful x

  10. Oh Caro I know exactly what you mean! I often do the same with my two, just watch them as they eat, play or even sleep together. They’ve recently started playing ‘going to school’ where one’s the mum and the other is the child going to school – so sweet! Love this cute picture of yours, such a perfect captured moment. Thanks for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

    1. Those moment are the most precious aren’t they? I love it when they’re not aware of me and are off in their own little world. So beautiful. Thanks for hosting pet x

  11. Socks and pegs. All you need to entertain a toddler for at least 15 mins. Shhh. Don’t tell Fisher Price or they’ll produce a special musical sock and peg for £29.99

  12. Definitely these little moments that are the best! I love it when they get a random attachment to something. My oldest went through a phase of taking an empty plastic bottle to bed to hug (he does have normal toys, honestly!). Toddlers – cute but a bit crazy.

  13. I love this, and it reminds me to capture & savour those moments too. Spiderbaby has taken to bringing her little Peppa Pig ‘laptop’ on the school run! xx

  14. Those moments really are so precious. But fear not, even as they grow older there are wonderful moments too. My nearly 7 year old seems so grown up sometimes, but his innocence shows through often enough still and I am so glad.

  15. My kids used to take all my pegs; I have no clue why, not sure about the sock though lol #TwinklyTuesday

  16. So cute! My 5yr old son enjoys wearing gloves in the house. It’s so funny what is fun for them! #TwinklyTuesday xx

  17. Ah such a precious moment, I’m not looking forward to the days when my little man stops cuddling random things like sign posts, his juice bottle or the laundry basket! #TwinklyTuesday

  18. Oh bless him. I love the way little ones have random treasures like this. A beautiful moment capturing the innocence and wonder of childhood

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? Makes you wonder what he thought the peg was for!?! He carried it around all day! Today it’s a couple of leaves — but he’s just gone for a nap with socks on both hands ;)

  19. There is nothing quite as cute as this innocence! I can totally see why you captured it #Twinkly Tuesday

    1. Aww I can see why a spoon would be a lovely treasure!! Bertie has a couple of aeroplane spoons that he’s ‘stolen’ — he never uses them as a spoon though!! :)

  20. I think this could be my favourite #capturedmoment of the week. I love it so much.
    One of the things hat I love most about Little Miss is her laugh. Complete utter joyful uninhibited hysterics… with snorts and gasps and everything.
    Just love it x

    1. Aaah Katie — that’s a lovely thing to say. You should record your Little Miss laughing!! It would be such a lovely thing to keep and play back as she gets older! X

  21. Absolutely adore this! I love the quirky things children do. My two never fail to make me smile each day with their little ways. I wish I could bottle up every moment. Perfect Captured Moment lovely lady. Xxx

    1. Yes — me too. As long as we’re mindful that this lovely innocence won’t last for ever and savour these little moments, then that’s a good compromise, I guess! X

  22. You cannot beat a peg and sock combo! :)

    Such a lovely captured moment that you will look back on with fond memories.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  23. Ahhh such precious moments! Soak up every second of such a wonderful and absolutely innocent age xxxx

    1. They really are Maria. It’s nice just to stop every once in a while and take in what they’re doing, isn’t it? If we’d have been rushing about last Tuesday, I’d have missed the ‘peg and the sock’ moment!

    1. It made me feel really emotional. There he was with his green sock on his little hand. Aww makes me feel a bit tearful now even! It was so sweet and innocent. So sad that that innocence gets lost, along the way into adulthood.

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