Mothers Ruin | Creating a gin bar at home

Aaah gin. They call it ‘Mother’s Ruin’ don’t they?

In the 1700s it was considered a poor man’s drink as it was so cheap. To the extent that some workers were given gin in lieu of wages.

By 1743 the equivalent of 10 litres of gin per person, per year, was being drunk in England.

In fact, it was so widely consumed that there was an epidemic of drunk and disorderly behaviour in London. And the government imposed a tax — The Gin Act 1751 — to try to reduce the effects of it.

These days it’s a little more gentile.


Creating a gin bar at home

Did Someone Say Gin O’Clock?

‘Gin o’clock’ has become the by-word for relaxation. And with numerous artisan gin companies popping up all over the place — distilling small batches of the juniper infused spirit — gin is enjoying a heady revival.

I’ve said on many occasions that it’s my favourite tipple. It actually states ‘gin lover’ in my bio on my social media channels; and I think it would be fair to say that I love the stuff.

I created a little gin based cocktail last year — The Jubarb — and my boy and I have an ongoing competition to see who can outdo each other by bringing home the ‘best’ or most unusual gin.

We’ve had Dodd’s, Caorunn, Aviation. Plus one from Portugal that was DELICIOUS but I can’t remember the name of. To name just a few.

My favourite used to be Brecon, by the Penderyn Distillery. Although that’s recently been knocked off the top spot by Adnams Copper House Dry Gin; an explosion of ginny, florally, citrusy goodness with a gorgeous sweet finish.

(You’ll note the lack of an Adnams bottle in my photos — it doesn’t tend to last too long once it crosses the threshold of our home).

Creating a gin bar at home

Creating a gin bar at home

The Gin Bar

We’ve usually got a few bottles of ‘mothers ruin’ stashed in our drinks cupboard; but then some of the bottles are so pretty that it’s a real shame to hide them away.

Cue a mission to find a suitable table to create a little gin bar at home.

I found the perfect one at HomeSense — a bargainous £39.99 with fold away legs and a removable butler’s tray top.

I’ve seen cheaper alternatives but I loved the reverse dipped legs  and white/pale wood colourway. Plus if we’re ever out of gin — *snorts* — it doubles up nicely as a cute lamp table.

Creating a gin bar at home

Creating a gin bar at home

Creating a gin bar at home

So there we have it.

The perfect little display table for our gin collection and large enough to house all the other accoutrements needed to make a G&T.

Apart from it’s not *quite* big enough to accommodate a mini drinks fridge/freezer for the ice and tonic.


A girl can’t have everything, now, can she?

Creating a gin bar at home

Creating a gin bar at home

Creating a gin bar at home

This is a collaborative post but as ever all thoughts, words and images, as ever, are entirely my own.

About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

41 thoughts on “Mothers Ruin | Creating a gin bar at home

  1. Oh you are a lady after my own hart, Gin lover is also in many of my bios although I never get to have one.

    I have just got a bottle of Sloe Gin which I am excited to test, I love the idea of a Gin Bar, in fact I love the idea of a little drinks table full stop, they seem to be a thing of the past, my parents always had one xx

  2. I love the little table. Homesense is fab, isn’t it? We have one here and I love it. So many unusual things there. I wish I liked gin! I feel like the odd one out from all my mummy friends. Maybe I just haven’t found the right gin yet! x

  3. I love him so I am all over this like a rash! We’ve started a general bar rather than just gin, although I may have to change this! Adnams is my favourite too – and I’ve been on their brewery tour which was fun! xx

    1. Aaaah Adnams is LOVELY isn’t it?! Brecon has been my fave for SO long — and despite all the gins that my boy and I brought home, it stayed on the top spot for AGES! He bought the Adnams for Christmas last year and I was hooked! I’d love to go to the brewery! :)

  4. Love it! Even if I don’t drink gin, weirdly just never taken to it and I will drink almost anything, haha! I would still love a cute little gin bar like this in my home, I’m going to show it to my Mum who does love a good G&T! That table really is a bargain too, what a find xx

    1. The table’s lush isn’t it? I’ve seen slightly cheaper alternatives but they don’t have the gorgeous dipped legs… although I guess if you were feeling creative you could do that yourself!! ;) I can’t BELIEVE you’re not a gin lover Hayley!! Next time I see you I’m going to convert you!!! ;)

    1. It’s weird isn’t it? I do think it’s quite an English tipple. Our American friends say they really only drink it when they come to the UK… maybe it’s to do with the tonic? Not sure. But hey! Let’s celebrate with a G&T next time we see each other!!! ;) xx

  5. I see you have my favourite within your stash. . Opihr.. I just love the spices it’s infused with ❤❤
    A gin hotel? ?… let’s book a weekend away! !

    1. It does doesn’t it?! SO nice to see all the lovely bottles on show, rather than hiding them in the back of a cupboard. The only negative is, I suddenly realised how many different gins we’ve got!! That wasn’t even all of them!! ;)

  6. Mmm, gin. My dad maintains that till he was 35 he thought only total alcos drank gin. Then he tried it and loved it! He’s passed that love on to his daughters.
    I love your passion for gin. So nice to have a dedicated gin bar in your home.

    1. I never stood a chance!! My mum and dad — AND my parents in law are ALL huge gin lovers!!! As is my boy!! :) We LOVE the stuff. And I don’t get drunk on it either, which is a huge bonus.

      There are SO many these days though!! There’s a hotel that I’m desperate to go to — they’ve got the most comprehensive gin bar in Europe. Over 200 different varieties!! I’d never want to leave!!

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