28 weeks and 1 day | Milestones and Teething

Well, things have moved on a little, since the last time I wrote. Today I can record more milestones in the life of my babies. Exciting things to note; but also — teething.

It had to happen, didn’t it?

Bertie has rolled over all by himself. It’s taken him a couple of weeks longer than his twin, but I kind of like the fact that they are so different.

I like the fact that he wasn’t at all bothered about doing it in a hurry, he just took his time and did it his own way. It wasn’t even as if he couldn’t get the hang of it either.

He just didn’t attempt it!

Sadly, I missed the actual event. I was in the kitchen when it happened. I came back in with the bottles and hey presto! There he was on his tummy. Looking immensely pleased with himself — as well he should.

This week is full of ‘firsts’ — I think we have reached the teething stage proper.

Teething Gate

Cosmo cried for the first time ever after the 10.30pm feed last night. And again at 12am. And again at 1am.

Last night was challenging to say the least and, needless to say, we are all a little sleepy in the Twinkle household today.

Poor baby.

Why does teething have to hurt so much??

A Fail in Evolution

Surely evolution could have done something to alleviate this problem over the years? After all, humans have been here for millennia.

You’d think that — like fish have developed fins and underwater breathing apparatus — we would have evolved so that our gums would have little slits, already in place, for the teeth to pop through. I think that would be much better all round. And if they could all come through at the same time, rather than one by one — or two by two — that would also be helpful.

Who do you speak to about evolution anyway?

Is there a scientific department who logs all of the requests? Or does it just happen by itself?

And when was the last time a significant change in the evolution of man occurred anyway? Was it when we stood up straight and started walking?

Because if so, I think it’s about time something else happened.

That was AGES ago.

Righto. The babies are in bed.

It’s a quarter to eight and I think it must be gin o’clock.

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