Me And Mine May 2016

Well, we’ve just entered the second week of June and I am only just getting round to posting Me And Mine May 2016.

This is getting to be a habit.

Me And Mine May 2016
Me and Mine May 2016

Busy Busy Busy

To say life is ‘busy‘ at the moment would be a huge understatement. Literally every waking minute — if we’re not working our day jobs — we’re working on the shed-build.

It. is. full. on.

And I’m not really enjoying it either, if I’m being totally honest.

Lack of time — and too many other pressures — is just making me want it to be finished. Like yesterday.

In the past, I’ve relished having a big projects on the go — renovating the original Dolly was one of my favourite projects ever.

Taking on Dolly Mark II was also fun but when you have small children it’s not easy to spend an entire weekend on a DIY project.

Me And Mine May 2016
Down at the allotment

Kids need entertaining/feeding/attention. And, ultimately, hanging out with my sons is definitely preferable to wallpapering the inside of a caravan.

But this shed build has been on another level.

I’ve spoken before about my dream of a garden office and — as things stand at the moment — I’m just a couple of week’s off achieving that dream.

But wow, it’s been hard.

Me And Mine May 2016 at the allotment
Digging for victory

It would have been so much easier to get a man in. But that’s never been our style.

Dirty Hands

My boy and I have never been afraid of getting our hands dirty. We’ve renovated three houses, over the 20 years that we’ve been together, and have always fearlessly and ferociously tackled any kind of DIY project head on.

And in that whole time, we’ve never got a man in.

OK. We’ve used the services of electricians (we’re not that stupid) or occasionally a plumber (if it’s a boiler or the entire house needs new plumbing) but, otherwise, we’ve literally done it all ourselves.

But as things stand at the moment, working on a big project, whilst looking after two little three year olds, trying to run two business — and a blog — with limited spare time, have left my boy and I feeling a little bit frazzled.

The littles have been so good though, bless them.

Most weekends, they’ve pottered around us, as we’ve worked. We’ve had one Saturday in the last month where my sister kindly came over to babysit for the day; which allowed us to crack on, but apart from that, they’ve been with us the whole time. Poor little loves.

So May has been a bit of a write off. We had one fantastic weekend when I went to London and stayed at a swanky hotel with the girls, then met my three boys at Grandma and Grampy’s, followed by a day in our old park.

But apart from that we’ve been — painting, filling,  sanding, sawing — in the shed.

The Allotment

After we’d packed up, the other Sunday, we went down to the allotment to check on the progress down there. The poor old patch has been slightly neglected since we’ve been on shed-duty — we’ve certainly not had time to action any of the grand plans we’d intended.

But hey. It will still be there next month.

And the month after!

So this is the backdrop for our Me and Mine photos for May. Dickie and I — typically — in our painting gear; looking disheveled.

The boys were delighted to have a change of scenery and immediately got stuck in, helping their daddy to dig the soil over.

Me And Mine May 2016 at the allotment
Making a wish
Me And Mine May 2016 at the allotment
A load of bullocks *snigger*
Me And Mine May 2016 at the allotment
Getting friendly with the wildlife
Me And Mine May 2016 at the allotment
Me and Mine {May}
Me And Mine May 2016 at the allotment
Haha!! Attractive ;)
Me And Mine May 2016 at the allotment
Me And Mine May 2016

So whilst May has not been the most exciting of months — and it’s been busy and draining — we have all been spending time together as a family. And that, in itself is so very precious.

So in a nutshell:

This month’s highs ~
• Going to London with the girls and spending a night in the Montcalm.
• Hanging out in our favourite park for the day!
• The fact that we’ve *nearly* finished the shed AKA my garden office.
• Seeing some sunshine.

This month’s lows ~
• Working every spare minute on the shed.

12 thoughts on “Me And Mine May 2016”

  1. Aw I had a wonderful time in London and I cant wait to see your office it is going to be so worth it Caro, We are exactly the same Chris like to do everything himself he is so fussy but sometimes I think life would be so much easier getting someone in to do it, counting the days to see your amazing finished office x x

    • Thanks sweetie — and me it was SUCH a fab weekend. Lovely to hang out with you and Ames. And yep. Sometimes getting a man in would be SO much easier. Although, when this is done, I know we’ll be able to look at it and know that we did it all ourselves! :)

  2. LOVE these photos – possibly my fave ones of you guys ever. You all look so happy and natural. Hope the shed is done soon lovely……you can do it xxxx

    • Aah thanks lovely!! They were a bit last minute (as ever) and we were SO scruffy!! The shed is so very nearly done!! The floor’s down, we just need to start moving things in!!!!! :)

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