119 weeks and 6 days | Me and Mine June 2015

Six months into the year already?! Where is the time going?

This months’s Me and Mine photos are pretty last minute once again.

My boy and I have been away in the wilds of Somerset for the last week — festival season has well and truly begun and we kicked off the proceedings at the granddaddy of them all — Glastonbury.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but hanging out in a field with some of my nearest and dearest is my very favourite way to spend a few days. Coupled with amazing music and (fairly) decent weather, the last few days have been heavenly.

That said, I’ve been separated from my babies and have missed them terribly. Plus, as we’ve been apart from each other for the last week, our Me and Mine photo wasn’t taken until this evening, when Dickie got home from work.

Me: No makeup and unbrushed hair.

The Twinkles: both with snotty faces and stained vests

They were taken hurriedly, on my phone, but they’re lovely and I know that in years to come I’ll treasure these funny, impromptu captures on a sunny, summer evening — the last in June.

2015-06-30 18.43.41
2015-06-30 18.43.24
2015-06-30 18.43.27
2015-06-30 19.00.41
2015-06-30 19.00.45
2015-06-30 19.00.48-1
2015-06-30 19.01.10
2015-06-30 19.00.30

So just to re-cap for me and mine in June.

This month’s highs ~
• Being made a finalist in the MADS awards! Still pinching myself!!
• Going to BritMums Live and seeing all my blogging buddies.
• Glastonbury!
• Seeing actual Lionel Rich-Tea singing Hello — IN REAL LIFE!!!

• The Twinkles daddy having a stellar month at work — clever boy — we’re very, very proud of him :)

This month’s lows ~
• Not seeing The Twinkles for almost a whole week.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

14 thoughts on “119 weeks and 6 days | Me and Mine June 2015

  1. aww beautiful photos regardless of the snotty noses sometimes the more natural every day look is best isn’t it lovely to look back on in a few years time thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I know that these are the ones I’ll treasure, in the future, more than a styled, perfect shot! At least it shows us as we really are, 90% of the time!! ;) xx

  2. Bahahaha – I love these photos – you crazy, crazy bunch.

    You are such a beautiful family and no amount of snot, stained vests and unbrushed hair can take away from that. xx

  3. No make-up, messy hair, stained vests yet you’ve managed to capture the most beautiful family shots. You all look so happy and full of joy!! I’m so jealous of your weekend in Glastonbury and so proud and happy that you’ve made the MADS Finals. #MeandMine

    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars xx

    1. Awww thanks darling — that is SO lovely of you. One of these months I’m going to do my Me and Mine shot at the beginning of the month.

      Hey! maybe you can come with us to Glasto one year ;) And thanks so much for your lovely words about the MADS — I’m still pinching myself!!!

    1. Thanks so much Lucy :) They were SO last minute this month!! But at least we took them! Glasto was amazing as ever — weird to be without my littles for a week but lovely to spend time, just me and my boy :) xx

  4. Oh what gorgeous pictures! They look so REAL and you’re all so lovely in your ‘natural’ states… I can’t believe that you’re not even wearing make-up, you naturally glamorous gorgeous thing.

    1. Aaah bless you pet. I think I look like a haggard old bag but thank you so very much for your kind words!! I love these pics — even though they aren’t brilliant quality. The content — in my eyes — is perfect :)

  5. Yay for last minute photos – they’re fabulous! And an even bigger yay for being a MADs finalist so I get to see you in September!

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