124 weeks and 1 day | Me and Mine {July}

Another busy, busy month for me and mine. SO many things have been happening, I feel as though I’m in the centre of my own mini whirlwind.

The biggest and best opportunity to come this month was being asked to be an official blogger for Camp Bestival. I still cannot believe my luck to be honest!

Funnily enough in the ‘getting to know me‘ vlog that I did, when asked what my dream collaboration would be, blogging for a festival was on that list! The fact that it’s actually happening — and tomorrow at that — is extraordinary.

Heaven knows I work so very hard on my blog and that — coupled with trying to run my business, and a home plus look after two tiny boys during the day — leaves me pretty exhausted a lot of the time.

When rewards like this happen it makes it all so worth it.

We’ve bought a new caravan too! Sadly it won’t be ready to take this weekend but we’ve got so many exciting plans for it :) Watch this space. No doubt there will be a LOT of chat in the coming months in reference to Dolly mark two!

The weather this month has been pretty hit and miss. Considering we’re in the middle of summer, it hasn’t felt very summery on occasions. Being stuck indoors because it’s grey and wet is not great for anyone but the boys are like tiny caged animals on days like that.

But the tiny caged animals are well and truly going to be let loose tomorrow! A full — long — weekend of freedom.

Bring it on.

me and mine
Me and Mine | July 2015
The roundup for July goes a little like this…

This month’s highs ~
• Being made a brand ambassador for Camp Bestival.
• Getting to spend the next few days with some of our bests — the boys’ guideparents — who happen to be going too!
• Our fabulous annual family barbecue — always a winner. I love it.
• Having my bedroom makeover post featured on the Laura Ashley blog.
• Seeing one of our dearest friends in London on Tuesday. Will write about that later!

This month’s lows ~
• My lovely friend Julia, who blogs at Rainbeaubelle, lost her beloved husband Rog to cancer. An outcome that we knew was coming but his passing still felt like such a shock. It’s so very awful and sad. She’s been so immensely brave over the last few months and and I’m so proud of her.



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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

12 thoughts on “124 weeks and 1 day | Me and Mine {July}

  1. Sounds like you have had a lovely July and what a gorgeous family snapshot this month. So loving. I am so sorry for Julia’s loss. I just cried through her Me & Mine post today. My heart goes out to her and her beautiful children at such a hard time. #meandmine

    1. Aah it was SO lovely — in so many ways!

      And me too Jenny. I’ve cried buckets over the last few months for them all. Being privy to such sensitive information was a privilege — I’m so proud to call her my friend. She’s enormously brave — no-one deserves this kind of thing to happen — especially ay such a young age — it’s heartbreaking. The lesson is to treasure every second isn’t it? Cos you really don’t know how long you have here xxxx

    1. Aaah we spoke to AGES about what to get. The thing that decided it was insurance and road tax!! You have to tax and insure a campervan — but a caravan is free!! THAT was the clincher for us :)

  2. Another beautiful me and mine post Caro. Have an amazing time with Dolly at Camp Bestival, I’ll been stalking your IG account all weekend. Gorgeous family picture and a lovely tribute to Julia and Rog at the end.

  3. Ah such a beautiful photo my love, you guys are always full of such smiles! Mine is a little last minute this month, haha, for a change! Enjoy Camp Bestival, I just can’t wait to read about your time there and you will have a blast I’m sure. Such a sad low this month, I think of Julia every day xxx

    1. Thank you sweetpea. Ours is usually last minute — makes a change for us to have taken one before the last day of the month!!! I couldn’t not mention Jubarb and Rog — I’m the same — I can’t stop thinking about her :'( xxxx

  4. What a fabulous Me and Mine photo Caro, love that colour on you! Hee hee. So proud of you too for getting the Bestival gig, I know you will have an ace time. Awww thanks for my mention, feeling loved xxx

    1. Thanks darling. Makes a change for it to be not last minute, with the selfie stick in the garden!! And THANK YOU — means SUCH a lot. The Bestival gig is the best thing EVER for me!!! I can’t think of a better fit for my blog.

      And how could I round up the month without mentioning you and Rog? It’s SUCH a huge thing to have happened — the impact he’s made on everyone is so profound. I’m so proud of you — the way you’ve handled things over the last 6 months is extraordinary. I know you say that you’re just getting by but I think you’re amazing. And he was too xx

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