199 weeks and 3 days | Me and Mine { December 2016 }

2016. What a year.

12 months of extremes.

Good versus bad. Yin and yang.

We’ve had crushing lows — family and dear friends battling life threatening illnesses.

Celebrity deaths by the dozen; most notably was the demise of my lifelong hero and idol Prince.

The boys were too young to understand why their mama was sobbing, with big fat tears running down her face, when that news broke.

We sat and watched his videos for hours afterwards. The twins now know him as ‘The Man With The Guitar’.

But let’s not dwell on the negatives.

2016 has also given us enormous highs.

On my birthday I found out that we’d been picked to be on the GLTC testing team; a partnership that we’ve really cherished. Literally the best job ever.

And exactly a month later, we found out that we’d been chosen to be ambassadors for Mark Warner, the award winning family holiday company.

An amazing opportunity that unquestionably gave us the highlight of our entire year — our first family holiday abroad. It was a dream come true; everything we could have wished for. We met some lovely people (Sarah, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I’ve been so crap. I haven’t forgotten about you and your lovely family. I’ll be in touch in the new year!). And part 2 will be coming in the new year, in the form of a skiing holiday. I literally cannot wait.

The little toddlers from last December have vanished; I am now the proud ‘owner’ of two little boys. In this last year, we’ve mastered the art of talking and potty training. They can sing (in tune) and dance, they’ve even appeared in their first nativity.

My big boy and I have spent the majority of our free time this year building my she-shed.

There’s lots more of that to come on my blog, over the next year.  I’ve spent a good portion of the Christmas holidays editing film and trying to pull together all of the images I’ve taken as we’ve been going along.

I’m so proud of it; and immensely proud of my clever boy who’s managed to — almost single handedly — build it from the ground up (with a little help from B&Q).

2016 has been mixed, that’s for sure.

But we’re still smiling. And looking forward to the new year with bright and shining eyes.

Me and Mine {December 2016}

Me and Mine {December 2016 }
My boys and me | Me and Mine { December 2016 }
Me and Mine {December 2016}
Bertie and Cosmo being distracted by Grampy | Me and Mine {December 2016}
Me and Mine {December 2016}
My three loves | Me and Mine {December 2016}

Wishing you and yours a very, very happy — and healthy — new year. Here’s to 2017!

Lots of love,

from me and mine xxxx

me and mine
The changing faces of me and mine in 2016

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