165 weeks and 2 days | Me and Mine {April}

April. Over in a flash.

I can’t really say why it seems to have passed me by so quickly but it certainly feels like it was a very short month.

And actually, as we’re now almost a whole week into May and I’m only getting round to finishing my April Me and Mine post — which I started last week — I get the uncomfortable feeling that this month is going to be just as chaotic and speed by just as fast.

Anyway. Back to April.

We started the month at my in-laws. They were moving out of the family home and downsizing, so my boy and I left our sons with my mum and dad and went to help them pack up 62 years of marriage.

Fairly unsettling to say the least. I love moving house but it felt really strange for my parents-in-law to be upping sticks and moving their horizons.

And ours, by default.

The next weekend we went to stay with some of our bests. Gorgeous to hang out with them — and our godsons — and really sweet to see our four boys playing together.

Harper Lee once said:

‘You can choose your friends but you sho’ can’t choose your family’

And it’s very true. Luckily we’re pretty blessed on both counts. My boy and I have such a lovely family — on both sides — but we’ve also got friends that are like family.

Kinfolk — appointed family — if you like.

We may not see them as often as we’d like but when we all get together it’s like no time has passed at all.

I love that. And it makes me feel safe in the knowledge that — after 20 years of knowing each other — it will always be that way.

The following weekend, we all went to the GLTC showroom launch. So nice to go to a blogging day out as a family. The only other time it’s happened was back in February when we went to the George Home event.

It was such a gorgeous day. Very much enjoyed by the two littlest members of our family too which made it even more enjoyable for me. We’re so lucky to be part of the GLTC family; I’m so proud to be an ambassador for them.

I made a little film of our day too; pop along and have a look if you have a spare couple of minutes. It gives a real sense of what we all got up to.

Finally, last weekend, we went to my sister’s for lunch. She and her husband have just bought a new house and we went for a nosey.

It was lovely to hang out with them for the day and we had the added bonus of having someone on hand to take our family picture — or two — particularly as I’d forgotten my camera and tripod. DOH.

So yep. Not a great quality family photo for April. Grainy — due to poor, fading light — but I love them!

The boys are really getting used  to these monthly pics now and dutifully shout ‘cheeeese!’ — even though they don’t look directly at the camera (or, in this instance, the phone). I’m sure that will come though.

One thing at a time, after all ;)

Our Me and Mine Portrait for April

Me and Mine {April}
Me and Mine {April}
Me and Mine {April}
Me and Mine {April}
Me and Mine {April}
Me and Mine {April}

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

10 thoughts on “165 weeks and 2 days | Me and Mine {April}

  1. You gorgeous lot you! I love them in black and white, they look fantastic and you are all so smiley- especially the boys. They look so grown up. xx

  2. Such lovely photographs and what a lovely post – the months are whizzing by!! Your boys look so handsome! xx

  3. Such lovely natural photos Caro – I say it every month, you all have the best smiles! I feel like April has flown by too and I’ve achieved very little in that time. Here is to a more productive May xx

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