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Who would ever have predicted that I’d be totally outnumbered by them?

I grew up in a family of girls. There haven’t been boys on my mum or dad’s side of the family in years.

Until my cousin — who is three years younger than me — had her first child.

And now, spanning four female cousins — with eight children between us — there is only one girl offspring. My niece Imogen who is totally and utterly outnumbered by boys.

Weird how life works isn’t it?

But anyway.

Back to my boys. Life is certainly interesting with them around.

Quiet games with Sindy (I was never a Barbie fan) are not on the cards, in our house.

Which is sad when I still have most of my Sindy gear in the attic!!

It’s LOUD and boisterous (that word should totally be re-worked to boysterous).

I always wondered about the gender stereotyping thing and made a conscious decision to give my sons a choice of toys from an early age; kitchens, farms and tea-sets, pirate ships, cuddly toys and dolls.

But given the option my boys will play with little cars, rather than Silvanian Families.

It’s not an item that has been forced on them — they naturally seem gravitate to tiny toy cars like a moth to a flame.

They love to build things. The floor of our snug is often covered in a bright sea of Lego pieces.

They love to break things. Toys are broken  taken apart — to see how they work (allegedly) — then put back together.

Or not; as is more often the case.

And my boys LOVE superheroes.

Life with my superheroes

I wrote very recently about the boys wearing superhero costumes on a day trip to Falmouth, the other week.

Granted, the outfits were teamed with wooly jumpers and bobble hats —

(it seems that even superheroes feel the cold)

— but they generated a lot of interest regardless.

Then on a trip to the local nature reserve, last weekend, when my little loves expressed a desire to dress as two of their favourite superheroes; it seemed a totally and utterly reasonable request.

One that I was happy to oblige.

Cue Hulk and Iron-Man running round the beautiful grounds of The Wolseley Centre;  looking every inch as incredible as the tiny, real-life superheroes that were inside the costumes.

The boys have had lots of dressing up costumes over the last couple of years; Batman and Robin, pirates, Ninja Turtles. But none quite as spectacular as these.

Fab quality with moulded muscles, my little pair looked pretty impressive tearing around the beautiful nature walks.

superhero costumes
superhero costumes
superhero costumes
superhero costumes

Life is most definitely colourful with little ones in tow.

And whilst our ‘pre-children’ life was never dull — my boy and I have always known how to have a good time and are no strangers to fancy dress ourselves — the addition of our two little man-cubs has certainly given life another facet.

One that brings joy and colour to an otherwise dull day.

superhero costumes

Thanks so much to the team at Matalan for providing the boys with their ‘super’ new outfits and giving their nana, me — and most of the other people at Wolseley — a good laugh at their antics last weekend.

superheroes gif — Ironman and Hulk

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