Kitchen Organisation When You’re Renovating

One of the things I’ve found the hardest, since we’ve been renovating our house is the kitchen organisation…

Or lack of it.

Washing up in the bath for weeks on end was definitely a low-point!

Here are some kitchen organisation tips, that might help you if you’re planning on renovating your home.

Sort Before You Start

This might seem obvious but have a good think about what you’ll actually need when you’re renovating.

If — like us — you’re going to be without a kitchen (and a proper cooker) for a while, pack up the things you absolutely won’t be using.

You’re not going to need baking trays and casserole dishes if you don’t have an oven.

You can cut down on kitchen storage when you’re renovating, simply by boxing up the stuff you won’t be using.

Kitchen organisation when you're renovating. Pack up all the stuff you don't need!
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The Bare Essentials

Have a think about how you live and what you need to keep functioning relatively normally.

One of these things, for us, this was a table to eat at.

We have breakfast together every morning — and the boys have their supper at the table each night too — so a table and chairs was essential.

Yes, there was chaos all around our ears but, the small act of sitting down and eating a meal together, kind of made things feel a bit more normal.

Kitchen organisation when you're renovating. Try to keep a bit of normality!
My poor little love! Trying to eat his breakfast with chaos and mayhem all around!

Washing Up In The Loo

I washed up in the loo for about 10 weeks (not literally — that would be gross) and there are a couple of things that definitely made things easier.

1   — Set Up a Washing Up Station:

I brought a little tray-table upstairs (regular readers will recognise it as my gin bar).  I put it by the bathroom sink and used it as a draining board.

2 — Use Washing Baskets to Carry Washing Up from Place to Place.

Sounds simple but for weeks I carried armfuls of precariously balanced plates and bowls up and down the stairs. Once I realised I could easily carry everything I needed in the washing basket, my life was a little bit easier.

Cooking On Gas

Preparing yourself for weeks without a functioning kitchen — without having to resort to take away every night is definitely a smart move.

We just cooked in a microwave but you can buy a cheap and cheerful camping stove if you fancy cooking on a hob.

Don’t Lose Your Focus

The last few weeks have definitely been the hardest for me! We’re living in a horrible limbo at the moment; the building work is complete but we still don’t have a proper floor or a proper kitchen.

Trying to look past the mess and clutter and remember that we’re not going to be living like this forever is hard sometimes.

Kitchen organisation tips when you're renovating
How we’re currently living! It ain’t pretty, that’s for sure.

I’ve definitely found that focusing on small wins (the fact that I have a washing machine and dishwasher again) is a positive thing to do.

And also (when the going really gets tough) immersing myself in Pinterest — and planning our new kitchen — is definitely the way forward!

kitchen organisation — the dream!
The dream; kitchen organisation at it’s finest. One day this will be all mine!!! Image Source


Have you lived through a house renovation? What are your tips for coping with no kitchen?

Please share, if you like this!

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