Good Foundations & Pretty Lingerie

One of the things that will stay with me to the grave, is my mum (when I was about 12 or 13) occasionally saying, before I went anywhere.

‘I hope you’ve got clean pants on? You never know when you’ll be hit by a bus’.

It’s SUCH a weird thing to say but really really resonated with me.

And is eerily true.

When we were skiing in March and I had my accident, I was in the back of the ambulance it suddenly flashed through my mind then.

‘Ohmygod. I hope I’ve got good knickers on.’

Not — ‘how long am I not going to be able to walk for?’ or ‘am I insured’. But worrying about the state of my underwear. Crazy.

(Thankfully they were presentable black ones, just in case you were wondering.)

Although, this brush with danger — and impromptu sharing of my choice of undergarments with a total stranger — led me to have a really good cull of my underwear drawer when I returned home from Tignes.

Greying, ugly underwear was binned.

Mismatched bras and pants were replaced by sets of pretty lingerie.

pretty lingerie from Fantasie
Alll the pretty — Stephanie from Fantasie
pretty lingerie from Fantasie
Staples to make you feel good; perfume, lippy and pretty lingerie
pretty lingerie from Fantasie
Soft lace
pretty lingerie from Fantasie

My very favourite sets are these by Fantasie Lingerie.

So beautiful, with soft lace and pretty detailing. And best of all, they fit.

Like a glove.

I can’t believe it’s taken until now for me to realise I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size.

Either that or the Fantasie fit is much better than the high street staple, that I’ve been wearing for the last 30 years.

pretty lingerie from Fantasie
pretty lingerie from Fantasie

It’s What’s Underneath That Counts

I remember watching Trinny and Susannah on the TV and they’d always be going on about underwear.

They’d say that good underwear is the foundation to a well turned out woman.

I *suspect* that they were talking about shapewear. The kind of underwear that sucks you in — and flattens out the lumps and bumps — so that clothes skim the surface and hang nicely.

But those kind of undergarments don’t quite have the same feel good factor as their prettier, lacier counterparts.

pretty lingerie from Fantasie
My favourite set — Marriana in Cornflower
pretty lingerie from Fantasie
Diamond detailing
pretty lingerie from Fantasie

Bridget Jones knickers may look great under a pencil skirt but they don’t make me fee very glamorous.

Lace, satin and tiny diamond detailing though?

Yes please.

pretty lingerie from Fantasie
pretty lingerie from Fantasie
Lace and sparkle
pretty lingerie from Fantasie
Definitely more glamorous than granny knickers

The Feel Good Factor

The other amazing thing about pretty lingerie — other than the fact that you don’t have to worry in the event of an emergency — is that it makes you feel fabulous.

It definitely gives me an extra boost to know that underneath my jeans and top is a lovely lace ensemble.

(It’s also given Mr D something nice to look at too. But I won’t dwell on that.)

So release your inner Dita Von Teese, get rid of all the mismatched underwear that you’ve been harbouring for years and treat yourself to something lovely.

pretty lingerie from Fantasie

Because — as a very well know hair brand like to say —

We’re worth it.

4 thoughts on “Good Foundations & Pretty Lingerie”

  1. Oh my, these are so pretty. I love the cornflower blue set … beautiful. I used to wear lovely underwear before the kids. Now I just wear yucky stuff. In fact, some of my knickers may be maternity pants from when I was pregnant with Little Mister H. Disgraceful!!!! But you’ve inspired me to start looking for some nice underwear sets. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  2. Ha, ha ha… I remember my auntie saying exactly the same thing :) I love your underwear! I have to admit since having kids my undies drawer is filled with cotton knickers that seem to be big enough even for my boobs to fit in as well (it’s like 2 in 1) :) :) :) Last week I have finally decided to get rid of most of them but haven’t bought any replacements yet so had to leave few grannies in there just for now :)

  3. It’s SUCH A weird thing to say isn’t it?! But SO relevant when you find yourself in a predicament, similar to me when I was skiing!!! And same — after I had the twins, my undie drawer was full of trawler nets and feeding bras. NO MORE ;)

  4. They’re gorgeous aren’t they? I had EXACTLY the sae thing!!! I realised that the knickers I was wearing were all the ones I’d bought for after my c-section with the twins (the kind that almost come up to your boobs) and my bras were all maternity ones!!! I DEFINITELY needed to get rid of them all and get some lovely new ones! :)

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