Our Review of Huck’s Center Parcs Sherwood

Are you going to Center Parcs? Have you been looking at the reviews of Huck’s Center Parcs Sherwood on Trip Advisor?

I’ve seen a few Trip Advisor reviews and it seems that people tend to leave them when they’re unhappy; so I thought I’d try and even out the balance!

We went to Centre Parcs Sherwood to celebrate my mum and dad’s golden wedding anniversary; and booked in lots of different experiences and treats, whilst we were there.

Everything from a relaxing afternoon in the Aqua Sana Spa, to the amazing Encounter With Owls experience.

On the Saturday night we went out for a big family celebratory meal at Huck’s American Bar and Grill.

Eating Out at Huck’s Center Parcs Sherwood

Eating at Hucks reminded me of a TGI Fridays.

It had the same kind of big American diner feel. Very loud and busy.

But not too busy to make us feel as though we were being overlooked by the waiting staff.

For instance, we were served quickly and didn’t have to wait too long between courses.

Our waitress, Heather, was smiley and chatty and really attentive.

Scenes from such a fun night. Many thanks to Heather, our lovely waitress!
Celebration supper out at Huck’s Diner at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest
Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest
Cocktail time!

Cocktail Time!

Cocktails are always a big hit with my family and we were happy to spot the cocktail menu! Even happier to see that my favourite Mojito was on there!

My dad’s favourite is an Appletini and — athough it wasn’t on the menu — the bar staff managed to whip one up for him.

It’s touches like that that made Huck’s Center Parcs Sherwood feel more like a real restaurant; rather than a conveyor belt restaurant that some Trip Advisor reviews make it out to be.


What’s The Beef?

So is Huck’s Center Parcs Sherwood overpriced? And are the portions too small?

Not in my experience.

I had a cheese and bacon burger that was nearly as big as my head,

It came with coleslaw and fries as standard and it was DELICIOUS!

Every ounce was worth the £12.99 price tag.

Greedy goblin. I did try to eat all of it, naturally.

The prices at Hucks were on a parr with TGI Fridays or Byron Burger.

I’d say, if you’re expecting McDonald’s prices — go to McDonald’s.

Our happy family — on a rare night out without the littles!

Our Overall Experience of Huck’s Center Parcs Sherwood

The food and cocktails at Huck’s were fabulous and we were royally looked after by our lovely waitress, Heather.

It was a great place to go for a celebratory meal.

You can see from the picture above, the portion sizes of the meals we had. To my mind, none of them were small!

Who knows whether the people who left negative comments on Trip Advisor just experienced a particularly bad service. Maybe the chef and/or waiting staff were not on form that day.

Or, perhaps, they’d anticipated something cheap and cheerful and were taken aback by the gastro pub prices?

I can’t second guess any of them.

What I can say — first hand — is that my experience of Huck’s Center Parcs Sherwood was a very positive one.

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