Dreaming of Camp Bestival, Cocktails and Summer
{How to make the perfect Mojito}

Winter has us well and truly in it’s grips. It snowed here yesterday morning!

Funnily enough, it snowed in November in the very first year we moved into this village too.

Proper snow. Big fat flakes that fell swiftly; then lay on the cold dry ground, like a blanket.

I remember feeling so excited.

We were in a rural village — we were snowed in — and for the first time ever, we had a car that could actually cope with the extreme conditions (should we desperately need more supplies).

We’d lived in the south for so long and had never — in all that time — had proper snow. It felt like such a treat for my boy to be given a couple of ‘snow days’ off work and it was lovely to cosy up indoors, with the snow falling silently outside.

We had no children back then — it was just me and him — and I relished any days that he was at home, midweek.

But anyway — sorry — I’ve massively gone off on a tangent!! Instead of reminiscing about days gone by, I actually wanted to share the news I recieved on Friday.

We have been asked to be official bloggers for Camp Bestival again!!  So, SO excited.

It’s no secret that it’s my favourite family weekend of the summer.

Last year was unlike any other though, as it rained and rained. It was the first time — in a decade — that they had ever had prolonged rain on the weekend of the festival and it was a totally different experience. You can pop and have a look at my film if you have a spare few minutes; it really gives a feel for it.

It was still utterly brilliant regardless. And, in fact, the soggy conditions provoked a lovely camaraderie between all the revellers.

We definitely spent more time in our base camp that weekend though.

Good job we take our festival set up so seriously and have all the mod cons. As well as Dolly the caravan — we have a little event shelter with a mini bar in the corner.

Mr D takes all of his cocktail making equipment and treats all the adults in our camp to delicious concoctions; Espresso Martinis, Turbo Gin and Tonics and — my absolute favourite — the classic Mojito.

For me, Mojitos are synonymous with festivals.

They’re fresh, sweet, zesty and delicious. And although we drink them mainly in the summer,  there’s no reason why they can’t be drunk in the winter months as well.

Especially when you’re dreaming of warmer climes — it’s the perfect way to give you a little taste of sunshine.

So here’s the original mojito recipe we use to make the perfect Mojito cocktail.

How to make the Perfect Mojito

Mojito Ingredients {for one cocktail}

Half a lime
25ml lime juice — we use lime juice in a bottle from Waitrose these days (it’s much easier than juicing a whole bag of limes)
40ml sugar syrup —we make our own by boiling equal weights of sugar and water (ie 200g sugar to 200ml of water)
6-8 whole fresh mint leaves
50ml of the best rum you can afford — our favourite is Plantation 3 Stars White Rum
Soda Water


Cocktail Shaker
A Jig
Knife and board
Glasses — or Mojito mugs — to serve


1. Cut your half a lime into chunky wedges.

2. Then take your cocktail shaker and add the lime wedges, lime juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves.

3. Then muddle.

To do this you need a muddler and some elbow grease.

A muddler is a cocktail kit basic. It’s like a pestle — without the mortar.

Our favourite is a copper muddler from 31Dover. Basically you’re using it to squash the lime wedges and mint together, to release all their aromatic oils and flavours.

4. Next, pour over the rum and throw in a good handful of ice cubes.

5. Pop on the lid of the cocktail shaker — firmly — and shake (in your best Tom Cruise stylee) until the outside of the shaker gets almost too cold to hold.

6. Then take off the lid and empty the contents into your glass or Mojito mug.

If you want something a little more refined you can use the strainer on the cocktail shaker to pour it in but, personally,  I love all the lime wedges and mint in mine so I don’t generally do that.

7. Top up with soda water (and a bit more ice if necessary).

8. Garnish with more lime wedges — and a sprig of mint — if you’re feeling fancy.

9. Serve.

And drink ASAP (and always responsibly). Of course.

Et voila — the perfect Mojito cocktail

The ideal tipple for festivals, summer gatherings or, indeed, in the middle of winter when you’re pining for some sunshine.

I promise you, there is nothing more worthwhile than learning how to make the perfect Mojito.

It’s a little taste of festival heaven in a glass!

A quick head’s up to say that early bird tickets for next year’s Camp Bestival 2018 (July 26th to 29th) are now on sale.

Hurry along and check out their website. Click  here for info on ticket options and pricing — you won’t regret it! The Twinkle Diaries are very proud to be official bloggers for Camp Bestival 2018.

Although this is a collaborative post all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own. 

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{How to make the perfect Mojito}

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