How to make edible Christmas decorations

Happy December everyone! We’re in the home straight now, just one month away from a brand new year.

Silly season is properly underway.

Following the success of the iced biscuits I made for our Halloween party, I thought I’d have a go at making some edible Christmas decorations this year.

Discovering Aquafaba — egg free royal icing — is literally one of the best things I’ve come across recently.

Having a child with an egg allergy is pretty restrictive when it comes to certain foods. Royal icing is top of the ‘banned substances’ list for Bertie, as it’s made with raw egg white.

Finding a decent alternative that works — and he’s able to eat  — is a real game changer.

You can find the recipe for the biscuits and the Aquafaba icing here — no point repeating it again — but this time round, instead of skull shaped cutters, you’ll need star ones, some bakers twine and little sweets to decorate your biscuits (although that’s not totally necessary).

Making edible Christmas decorations

edible Christmas decorations
All the dry ingredients mixed with butter to form ‘breadcrumbs’.
edible Christmas decorations
‘Out of the strong came forth sweetness’?? What?? Anyone know what that means?
edible Christmas decorations
My trusty mixer, doing it’s thang.
edible Christmas decorations
The biscuit dough, ready for rolling and cooling.
edible Christmas decorations
Cutting the biscuit shapes with a star cutter.

After cutting, I made a little hole in each one with a skewer. Then popped them in the oven to bake.

Once the biscuits were cooked and fully cooled I set to with the icing.

I’d lost all my little icing nozzles — in the abyss that is our kitchen — so had to make do with a freezer bag with a tiny hole in one corner!

To be honest, although they’re probably a little less refined that the skull biscuits I made, I thought it didn’t make too bad a job. Certainly easier to clean up at the end of the day, as it just went in the bin after I’d finished.

edible Christmas decorations
A bit blobby but sweet nevertheless
edible Christmas decorations
Little edible gems!

I covered some of the biscuits with sprinkles, some with gold chocolate balls or edible glitter and plain iced the others.

Once the toppings had dried, I threaded bakers twine through the holes to form little loops.

edible Christmas decorations
Threading the biscuits with bakers twine, to form little loops.
edible Christmas decorations
Ta-daaaah! Easy peasy edible Christmas decorations!

They work pretty well, hung singly,  as tree decorations but they also look lovely strung together as a garland.

I used tiny little pegs to attach them to another length of string, then hung it across the fireplace. It did cross my mind that when the log burner is lit the biscuits may soften a little with the heat but, to be honest, I don’t think they’re going to last that long!

These little biscuits are too moreish to keep.

Make a couple of batches to box up and to give to friends and family for an easy Christmas gift — if you can manage to give them away!

edible Christmas decorations
A garland of stars.
edible Christmas decorations
The ‘sweetest’ garland that ever there was!

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Christmas Roundup

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The countdown is on folks!

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

20 thoughts on “How to make edible Christmas decorations

  1. Brilliant. That icing in the bag thing is a great idea, I’ve never been one for baking much but when I need to do that kind of thing I am totally using a bag! I don’t have any fancy icing nozzles! ;)
    Great recipe, thanks for sharing. xx

    1. They’re SO good!! Really easy to make too — and they fill the house with a lovely spicy Christmassy scent. Chuffed to bits to have found the alternative icing — really nice for Bertie to have the same as everyone else :)

  2. These look fab Caro – and I saw your instagram post saying there might be a few less already. So, so cute and a real game changer for Bertie, everyone needs some icing in their life. I wouldn’t have known the piping was any less fine – good luck finding those nozzles though.

    1. Thanks lovely!! It’s SUCH a game changer — I felt so sad that he’s never had anything with royal icing before. No iced gems, no Cadbury creme eggs!! And thanks. Our kitchen needs knocking down and starting again from scratch!!! ;)

  3. They look delicious and certainly festive while being ‘allergy’ friendly. I was most disappointed with the selection of treats to buy for hanging on the tree yesterday. I’d like to say I’d make some but I’m saving my culinary skills for later in December and rolling out a few sweets for table gifts. We are going all home made this year!

  4. Have you been on a photography course or did you study photography? I always love your photos. I think it’s because you have a good eye for a photo and always come up with unusual perspectives and use different depths of field.

    Anywho! They look fab. You must have a steady hand, lady! Not bad with a DIY bag nozzle!
    I’m really loving this collaboration and I’m really feeling festive now.

    1. Aaah bless you, that’s really kind. Yes — I did photography when I was 18/19 — but I think it comes more from my job. I was an art director for more than 15 years of my working life, so spent every day on set, with commercial photographers and stylists. I’d tell them how I wanted things to look and they’d do it!! The only difference these days is, I’m having to figure out how to do it all myself!! I guess it’s rubbed off :)

    1. Bizarre isn’t it? LOL!! I’d never noticed it before! Have just Googled it! Apparently, it comes from the story of Samson in the Bible. Samson kills a lion with his bare hands and passing the carcass later on, finds a swarm of bees in there and he eats honey from the comb. Yuk. Grim. Give me a tin of treacle any day of the week!!

  5. What a great idea Caro, all mine would probably be eaten before I could hang them up!! I was only thinking the other day of trying something like this for Christmas after seeing your Halloween ones, I’m going to recommend this icing to a friend to whose son has a egg allergy, I never know what I can give him baking wise so it always feels like he’s left out xx

    1. The egg free icing is a winner Hayley — SO brilliant to be able to give Bertie the same as everyone else!!! You’d literally never know the difference!! And, honestly, the biscuits have been a winner!! The first batch has gone but they’re so easy to make — am happy to keep churning them out in the run up to Christmas! :)

  6. Oh these are just gorgeous – and they put my icing skills to shame! We do love making Christmas biscuits, we’ve never turned them into an edible garland though so that’s going onto this year’s must-do list :)

    1. They’re SO easy Catherine!!! The icing is a trick of the eye, I think!! It looks a bit blobby when you look at them in isolation, but they look quite impressive all strung together on a garland :)

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