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When I was a child, being bought an advent calendar every December was a real highlight of my year. When I was very little it was always a cardboard one — with tiny jewel like illustrations behind every door — then as the years went on, the simple cardboard variety was replaced with a chocolate version. Not quite so pretty to look at — once the doors have been opened — but very good to eat nevertheless! :)

As this will be the first Christmas that the boys are really aware of what’s going on, I thought it might be nice to make an advent calendar for them. No doubt their nana will buy a couple (of the chocolate variety) too but I quite like the idea of creating something — a little more permanent — that can come out year after year, to really act as a marker for the countdown to Christmas.

I thought I’d use my new peg board from Rose and Grey as a base and sourced a few bits and pieces to make things as simple as possible. If you were feeling particularly crafty — or had lots of spare time on your hands — you could make your own bags (and numbers) but I couldn’t be bothered I bought mine off Ebay.

So here we go — how to make a simple DIY advent calendar.

You will need:

  • A peg board
  • 24 little draw-string bags (mine cost just a few quid off Ebay)
  • 24 miniature pegs and string (I’ve a stockpile of things like this, so nothing to buy here!)
  • Some self adhesive felt numbers — I got these from The Orchard Craft Company
  • Little gifts to fill the bags with :)

The best thing about this kind of advent calendar is that you can fill it with whatever you like! This year, I’ve gone for bright stickers and chocolate bears and coins but next year it could be filled with little lego figures, marbles or toy cars. Am thinking I may like to make one for my big boy too, only his little advent sacks may well be filled with miniature bottles of gin ;)

I was asked to join in with Rose & Grey’s styling challenge and was kindly sent a medium peg board, to complete my task. You can buy these — plus lots of other lovely products — from their website. Pop along and have a look

All photos, thoughts and words are my own.

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    I was just checking my website back links and stumbled upon this. Thank you for mentioning and using our Advent numbers.Your finished Advent Calendar looks lovely Kind regards Lesley, Orchard Craft Company

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