How Do You Decorate with Blush Pink?

Pink is certainly the colour of the moment isn’t it? But how do you decorate with blush pink in a living room?

Ever since Pantone named Rose Quartz as one of its colours of the year for 2016, the high street has been awash with it.

It’s a delicious pale pink — not too saccharine sweet, not too babyish — a restful blush pink that sits beautifully with so many other shades.

Here are just a few of the colours that Pantone suggest compliment Rose Quartz.

Pantone Rose Quartz Palette

Recently I shared our conservatory sitting room on the blog — we’ve had the same colour-scheme for a few years now — so I thought we could do with a change.

I quite like the thought of a blush ink and grey living room, but didn’t want to completely redecorate. 

I put a little mood board together — just a couple of simple bits and pieces. Cushions and accessories; rather than a full overhaul. 

How Do You Decorate with Blush Pink?

1. Patterned Cushion Cover — £3.99 — H&M
2. Pink Rose Candle — £1 — B&Q
3. Dark Grey Rug — £59 — IKEA
4. Pink Plant Pot — £1 — IKEA
5. Printed Cushion Cover — £4.00 — H&M
6.Set of 2 Glass Display Boxes — £15 — IKEA
7. Canvas Cushion Cover — £3.99 — H&M
8. Irregular Stripe Cushion — £9 — B&Q

And here’s how it looks:

How do you decorate with blush pink? Here’s how!

How Do You Decorate with Blush Pink?

Use Monochrome to Tie Everything Together

The biggest expense by far was the rug.

It took up over half of my budget but as it really pulls everything together and totally changes the feel of the room, so I think it was a worthwhile investment.

Particularly as, when the pink accessories have had their day and my head has been turned by another shade. Which we all know will happen. The charcoal grey and white will work well paired with with any colour I throw at it next.

I re-painted one of my picture frames, from turquoise to pink.

Valspar at B&Q have the most amazing range of colours to choose from and even have a Pantone range. The pink I’ve used on the frame is Rose Quartz.

How Do You Decorate with Blush Pink?

From this:


To this:

The blush pink living room accessories give the room a totally different feel.

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

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  1. I’m SO jealous of your conservatory sitting room, it’s just beautiful and such a light and airy space. And the perfect little makeover, I was never a pink fan but for the last year or so I’ve become a little obsessed!! X #HomeEtc

    1. It’s funny — it’s had the dining room in there for the last 6 months! We’ve just swapped everything over again so it’s looking more like it did in those pics. I do love a little bit of pink here and there! xx

  2. This looks amazing Caro! I love it and that rose quartz colour is definitely a hit. We teamed it up with a dark denim blue colour in my daughter’s bedroom and it works with that too. Isn’t it fab what a difference £100 can make? You made it go really far, the space looks totally different. Xx

  3. This is an absolutely gorgeous makeover Caro and such a bargain too! I’m not normally a huge pink fan but I adore blush pink. I also love that rug! x

  4. Looks gorgeous and I adore the colours! I want to do this myself! Love that rug!!! :) Jess xx


  5. Oh wow, I LOVE your makeover! I’m not a huge fan of pink especially in the house but I do like a blush pink. Also I think pink goes well with copper or gold. Especially loving the cushions! xx

  6. Gorgeous, Caro, gorgeous! Those few small changes in the colour scheme make such a difference to the overall look of the room. It is a beautiful, bright room to begin with, but the pale pink make it so much airier and spring-like. Nice work!

  7. Wow love this!!!!! So happy the pink sofa inspired u. I’m planning my living area colours at the mo and really want to introduce blush pink somewhere. Will def be saving these ideas! X

  8. You have a really lovely conservatory and I am in love with the blush pink touches! It’s so amazing the difference switching out accessories can make, especially in a room with a neutral backdrop. #HomeEtc

  9. Just spotted Marie Kondo’s book, I started konmari-ing but it didn’t spark joy, I couldn’t dump everything lol.
    Love the colours, the room looks fabulous!!

    1. Hahahaha!!!!! I’m SO glad it isn’t just me!!!! I’ve definitely taken ‘something’ away from her book but I love my things too much to get rid of everything!!

  10. What a gorgeous room!! I am ao jealous of the view! and soft blush pink is my favorite colour so I love love love this room! I wish we had white couches too but black leather couches will do until my boys are old enough to know not to wipe their sticky hands on there lol ;) Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!

  11. Its amazing how one colour can totally transform a room, it looks like a lovely feminine hide-away now! I love the pink and gold cushion combo!


  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done with this room and on such a small budget too! Looks amazing and I adore this colour pink!Great makeover – looks really fresh and modern #HomeEtc.

  13. Caro I love it Rose quartz is such a pretty colour, and I love what you did with your budget it looks fantastic and just shows what you can do with a small budget xx

  14. It looks amazing, and so well styled, I love it! That’s the same shade of pink that we painted Toddler H’s bedroom, and it’s just lovely. I have been looking for some cushion covers in that shade of pink for our bedroom as I want to tone down our grey bedroom and make it less crisp and boyish. Off to H&M for me then!! #homeetc

  15. Amazing! Totally transforms the look and feel of the space, fab :) Love Our Walls blog too (but turned down this challenge as just no time atm, boo – and sorry I’m missing out on #HomeEtc too, but will be back with you when things quieten down!) Keeping reading though and loving all your inspirational posts xx

    1. Thanks Molly! :) I’m so pleased with it — when I first told my boy what I was planning, he was a bit skeptical (and I was a bit unsure of how it would turn out!!) but I’m really chuffed. And so is he, which is a bonus!!!

  16. This is lovely – there’s something so grown up about that soft pink and grey combination, isn’t there? I love the colour, and it’s one that I can never wear clothes-wise because of my skintone, so it’s lovely to be able to choose from so many home items that use it at the moment! Really impressive transformation for only £100 to (well, ok, £100.97!) #HomeEtc

  17. I love it!!! It looks so fresh and perfect for Spring. The pink is such a pretty shade too!

    Gemma x
    The British Feather – Lifestyle, Travel & Home Decor

  18. I think you’ve done a marvellous job there! I’m never inspired enough to be able to make such a difference to a room with so little money! Our living room is desperate for a good old spruce up.

  19. Oh wow I love the colours they are SO nice! I have been looking for some new cushions for my bedroom and think I’ll have to have a look at these ones! Thanks for sharing :) xo

  20. Oh wow, what a beautiful room! I think it looked lovely to start with but it looks so fresh and bright now, love the colour choice xx

  21. Absolutely gorgeous makeover Caro. It looks stunning. Love the panatone colour it ties the room together beautifully. X

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