Home Etc #89 — and some news!

Faves from last week came from Nancy — who writes over at ‘Hello Nancy’ — with the most gorgeous peek into her trip away to south Wales.

Home Etc
Image courtesy of Hello Nancy

And Karen who writes over at the blog ‘Well I Guess This Is Growing Up’ showed off her daughter’s amazing bedroom.

Home Etc
Image courtesy of Well I guess this is Growing Up

And great news! If you really, really love it, I’m happy to tell you that Karen’s house is on the market; so if you fancy buying a house — that comes complete with the coolest kid’s room ever — it could be yours ;)

Home Etc on Instagram

Our little online community has been busy as ever.

It always amazes me how in-sync everyone is. There always seems to be one particular colour — or theme — running through everyone’s photos. So nice to see.

This little collection of photos is very springlike.

Home Etc Grid #89

kerryvillers /mum_in_brum / littlepaperswan /clarina1985 /thetwinklesmama /lifeineight  / jess_soothill  / lizzie_woodman  / goingonanadventureblog

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