Home Etc #83

One of the things I love best, since I have been running Home Etc, is coming across new and interesting  blogs or Instagram accounts.

Our little online community is always attracting new members and it’s so nice to see someone new linking in on the blog — or using the tag on Instagram.

Here are some of my fave pics from the last few weeks.

Home Etc grid 83

maisymeowblog  /buntyliving  /theordinarylovely  /littlepaperswan  /noahandthegirls  /buntyliving  /midlifemummy /  georgia_coote   /coffeeworksleep

Since we began, our Home Etc hashtag has been used over 2.5K times on Instagram which — in social media terms — is a very tiny amount but it makes me really proud to see people using it and it’s a lovely way of gathering together our little circle.

Home Etc Favourites

Last week’s favourites came from Becky at The Spirited Puddlejumper and Sabrina who blogs over at The Mummy Stylist.

Home Etc
Image courtesy of The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Becky showed off her gorgeous new sofa — complemented by an even more gorgeous newly painted wall! I’m in the midst of making over my bedroom and am painting it an inky blue so it was lovely to see this working so well.

Home Etc
Image courtesy of The Mummy Stylist

Sabrina showed us her fabulous new work space. Everything you need to spark creativity when working from home.

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