Home Etc #82

Welcome to this week’s Home Etc. I was so delighted by everyone’s lovely reactions last week. It’s always hard getting back into the swing of working life after the Christmas break but the Home Etc community made last week a real joy.

Home Etc is often likened to an online interiors magazine and I really missed reading everyone’s posts. It was lovely to settle down for a good read and catch up with what everyone’s been up to.

HomeEtc Favourites

Last week’s favourites came from Lizzie at Marmalade Pie and Karen who blogs over at Well I Guess This Is Growing Up.

Lizzie posted a lovely piece on spring bulbs and how you can use them to brighten up the home.

home etc
So simple but looks a million dollars | Image courtesy of Marmalade Pie

So gorgeous and a lovely reminder that spring  is definitely on the way.

Secondly, Karen showed us how she transformed her little daughter’s bedroom using a wall mural.

Literally the best thing ever!!! Such a cool pattern and made such a difference from common or garden wallpaper.

home etc
Karen getting her daughter into DIY from a young age | Image courtesy of Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Pop and have a look at Karen’s post if you missed it. The final wall looks AMAZING!

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