Home Etc #33

Last week was our first Home Etc after Christmas and we had some fab blogs linking up. New year is always an inspiring time isn’t it? Everyone is brimming with good intentions and plans for the new year. It’s always lovely to see — and makes me feel totally invigorated and inspired to do the same.

One of our favourite posts came from Molly and the Princess.

She wrote about Pantone’s Colour of The Year — Rose Quartz and Serenity — and created a gorgeous modern toilette, inspired by both Pantone’s colour picks and Boucher’s famous painting of La Toilette.

home etc
Molly’s Pantone inspired bedroom scene

You know me — I am utterly obsessed by the Pantone colour system and have been writing about their annual palettes for a year now. In fact I wrote about their colour(s) of the year in my last post of the 2015 series.

It’s so lovely to see how others are inspired by the colours and in Molly’s case I love how she’s also brought her love, and knowledge, of art history into the mix as well!

Another of our favourites came from Nancy (Hello Nancy) with a fantastic tutorial on how to make your own chalk paint.

Cooking up a storm — Nancy’s homemade chalkpaint

I’m a sucker for the stuff and have painted so many bits and pieces with shop bought chalk paint — I shall definitely be giving Nancy’s chalk-paint recipe a whirl and mixing up a batch of my own.

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  1. Gosh I’m so excited you chose my post as one of your favourites from last week – thank you! I’ve not got a post this week, but hopefully next :) Looking forward to catching up and commenting on the linkies at the weekend x


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