Home Etc #3 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog Hop

We had a real mix on last week’s Home Etc link up. Everything from room tours and home-makes to mood boards and allotments!

My favourite post of the week came from the lovely Jenna at the blog Tiny Footsteps.

She shared her daughter’s nursery in a little tour. It’s SO beautiful — a gorgeous theme — and beautifully orchestrated too. I loved it.


Jess’ favourite post, once again, came from Marmalade Pie! Well done Lizzie and be warned… Jess will be moving in with you, given half the chance!! ;)

Marmalade Pie’s beautiful country style kitchen

I really hope we have some lovely blogs, linking up with us again this week— it’s a real joy, going through and commenting on them all!

8 thoughts on “Home Etc #3 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog Hop”

  1. I absolutely love Jenna’s nursery – so pretty and original! Thanks again for the mention – you are so kind and it’s really inspiring me to keep the house tidy and take more photos! x

    • Aah it’s just gorgeous isn’t it?! I absolutely love the red riding hood theme! :) And you’re very welcome! It’s so lovely to see pics of your beautiful home — thanks so much for sharing x

  2. Aw thank you so much for choosing my nursery tour as your favourite post from last week. That has really made my day. :)

    Thanks for hosting and I’m looking forward to reading lots of fab new posts again this week. xx


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