Home Etc #27

Last week we had some lovely posts on Home Etc.

Our first favourite came from Sisterkin.

Hannah took us on a mini tour around her little girl’s bedroom and showed us some gorgeous treasures!

home etc
Sweet treasures and keepsakes |Image courtesy of Sisterkin

I love how she’s made a mini gallery with the string and miniature pegs.

And talking about pegs and string, our other favourite was from Lizzie at Marmalade Pie.

I do like a good craft post and Lizzie showed us a whole host of lovely crafty ideas.  Everything fro a three-legged squirrel to this fabulous leaf bunting.

Hone Etc
Lovely leaf bunting from Marmalade Pie 

It always amazes me how we often seem to  have a common thread running through the posts each week.

Sometimes very tenuous, like the string and peg idea, but it’s lovely to see how similar themes sometimes appear within the Home Etc links.

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