Home Etc #2 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog Hop

Our first week of Home Etc was such a success; lots of lovely bloggers linked up with their home and garden inspired posts.

I really hadn’t expected so many on the first week, so thank you so much to all of you that joined in :)

We had all sorts; everything from up-cycling and home wish-lists, to room tours and renovations.

Home Etc Favourites

My favourite post of the week came from Three Sons Later.

Fionnuala had found a cradle that had been put out for the binmen and set to work making it look beautiful. It was such a lovely example of what you can do with an unwanted item.

Home Etc Blog Hope — upcyc led cradle

One man’s trash is another’s treasure as they say!

Another favourite post on last weeks Home Etc was from Marmalade Pie.

Lizzie generously invited us into her home and her post was all about her beautiful sitting room. It’s absolutely gorgeous, pop along and have a look but be warned. You may come away with a serious dose of house envy! ;)


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