Home Etc #19 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog Hop

My favourite post from last week’s Home Etc came from my lovely friend Julia from Rainbeaubelle.

She’d given a little IKEA children’s table and chairs a new lease of life with my old favourite, Annie Sloan’s chalkpaint.


I’ve upcycled  lots of things using chalk paint over the years and more recently — also from IKEA) — a chest of drawers and a little birdhouse that I turned into a row of beach huts!

It was lovely to see what Julia had done with the table and chairs. Such a fabulous transformation and a great way of ensuring it has many more years of use.

Jess’ favourite was from me!!!!

I’m delighted that she chose my post on Dolly — our lovely old caravan.


We have sold her now but have got a replacement though and are working hard to make her just as lovely :) Thanks Jess :) Very flattered!

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