Home Etc #18

I don’t know about you but I’ve got SO many projects on the go at the moment.

There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Some of them are in the throes of being completed. Others are still a twinkle in my eye. Most of them involve a little bit of up-cycling  and elbow grease and none of them are particularly simple.

But hey! The devil makes works for idle hands and all that. And these hands are never idle, that’s for sure.

Home Etc Favourites

Last week’s fave post came from Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely.

She shared her gorgeous new rug with us. What a beauty, it’s made such a difference to the space. It polishes off the hard corners and makes the seating area of the room much more inviting. Such a lovely addition, to an already lovely room.

home etc
Rachel’s lovely new rug — zoning the space perfectly

2 thoughts on “Home Etc #18”

  1. Wow, some beautiful & immaculate homes on this link up! I hope everyone has piles of mess out of camera shot, otherwise I might start to feel incredibly inadequate! ? xxx

  2. Haha!! You know full well that people have things out of shot!!! If they don’t then they’re all incredibly tidy — or inhuman?! LOL!! Thanks so much for commenting lovely — I really do appreciate it xx

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