Home Etc 158 | January Edition {Happy new year!}

It’s been a pretty quiet start for me; both at home and on the blog. But I’ve got lots of plans bubbling away in the background; namely our house extension!

We met with our architect and the conservation lady from the council on Monday and — albeit I’m not going to rush out and start buying tiles yet — I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’m so excited to start sharing our plans on here.

But I don’t want to tempt fate and jump the gun so, until we have a positive outcome — and planning has been approved — I’ll keep it under wraps.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself entertained by looking at all the lovely pics over on the Home Etc hashtag on Instagram.

I love how beautifully everyone’s images always sit together.

The grid below is made up of images from all different accounts but just look how well they work alongside each other.

linsdrabwellhome /make_mine_eclectic /candidlyrhubarb /_bonmaison_ /
juniormagazineonline /thesefourwallsblog /lizzie_woodman /pinkscharming / lthewalshesworld

2 thoughts on “Home Etc 158 | January Edition {Happy new year!}”

  1. Thanks for hosting, Caro. Isn’t it amazing how all those shots you’ve chosen to display, go so beautifully together? x


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