Home Etc 155 | October Edition

Here we are in October!

September really seemed to fly by; I think I was still clinging on to the remnants of summer but as soon as the calendar clicked over to October — literally on the 1st of the month — the air smelled different, the temperature dipped and my Instagram feed seemed to be full of pumpkins.

Albeit, white ones *stifling a yawn*.

Orange is soooooo last season, sweetie.

Never one to be led by seasons — or current trends — our latest Home Etc winner has such a strong sense of style and character.

Effortlessly stylish — whilst still maintaining a strong identity — both in her fashion and home choices, this month’s favourite Ashley, from the blog Lazy Daisy Jones, showed off her fabulous bedside shelf.

Home Etc Favourite

Her husband Marc was responsible for creating this amazing beside shelf; perfect for holding all Ash’s ‘essential’ items.

Funnily enough, I also remember the Instagram game from a couple of years ago; that asked the question:

‘What’s on your bedside table?’

What do you keep on yours?!

Mine generally has a lamp, a candle and some flowers… but often they are interspersed with the odd piece of Lego and a child’s sock.

You can see mine here, on this old post.

But if you’d like to see more pictures — and learn more about what Ashley keeps on her bedside shelf — pop along to her blog to have a look.

3 thoughts on “Home Etc 155 | October Edition”

  1. Dear Caro and Lins Whooping it up here in Dorset! Girls I’m proud and over the moon as they say! Thank you very very much. Wait until I tell Marc he is going to be a bit proud of that little shelf eh?
    BTW I managed to clutter it up in 2 nights so I darent share a pic of it today…..!!

  2. What a lovely table! The cutout for the glass is genius. My bedside table’s non-existent at the moment while we move things around, but it’s usually just my phone, glasses and Kindle.

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