Home Etc #151 | June Edition

If you read last week’s post, you’d know that Lins and I have decided to have a little shake up and, instead of stopping Home Etc completely, we are going to host on a monthly — rather than weekly — basis.

From here-on-in we’ll be hosting together too; much more sociable!

Joining forces again and hosting together will hopefully shake things up a bit, make it more fun and encourage more people to join in and link up.


4 thoughts on “Home Etc #151 | June Edition”

  1. Thanks lovely — I’m looking forward to it too. I didn’t want to stop completely — it would have felt a bit sad after 3 years. I’m hoping the monthly link-up will be a good alternative.

  2. Aaah me too!!! I really did think that I might finish it — it was taking up too much time; a lot of effort for very little reward. But it’s 3 years old now!! It would be such a shame to end it — particularly as it draws together such a lovely little community of bloggers :)

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