Home Etc #146

May and the weather (finally) seems to have picked up!! Hurray!

It looks like the spell of fine weather is set to continue over the bank holiday weekend too, which hopefully means lots of time spent outdoors.

I want to try and finish my she-shed this weekend (yes it’s still ongoing; the longest project — and longest running blog series — ever). Having that skiing accident last year really scuppered our plans and — as a result —  my shed progress suffered.

But it’s so very nearly done.

I can’t wait to finish my posts and show what it looks like now; I’m almost tempted to just share it — then work backwards on the posts.

But anyway.

That’s for another day. I’ve got to finish it first!!

Back to this week’s Home Etc and, more importantly, our favourite post from last week’s link-ups.

Home Etc Favourite

Home Etc regular Fionnu — from the blog Three Sons Later — shared snapshots of her lovely garden; with a post entitled Blue Is The Colour.

Home Etc | Blue Hydrangea

Home Etc | Blue Hydrangea

Home Etc | Blue Hydrangea
All images courtesy of Three Sons Later

So beautiful. I absolutely love the colour of blue hydrangea but, annoyingly, my blue hydrangea plants in our old garden all turned pink! Apparently it’s to do with the pH levels in the soil.

Strongly acid soil (pH below 6) the flowers will turn blue, but in alkaline soil — pH above 7 —hydrangea blooms will turn pink or even red.

In slightly acid or neutral soil — pH 6 to 7 — they may be purple (or even a mix of blue and pink on a single shrub).

I’ve no idea what the soil pH is in our current garden but it will be intersting to see what colour blooms I get on the blue hydrangea I planted last year!

Anyway — there endeth your chemistry lesson for today folks! If you missed Fionnuala’s post last week, do pop and have a read.

2 thoughts on “Home Etc #146”

  1. Oh thanks Caro! You know you can buy soil sample kits to check the Ph level. My dad is a agricultural advisor so I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to these things, not that I have ever tested our soil. But I know one can.

    • Yes! We had one for our last garden — but never bothered to test the soil here. Apparently you can also do a homemade test with bicarb and vinegar! Might try it with the boys — it sounds quite fun :)


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