Home Etc #138

So. Last week was ‘interesting’ wasn’t it?

Spring seemed to vanish under a thick blanket of snow as ‘The Beast From The East’ — AKA Winter — decided that it wasn’t quite done with us just yet.

Since we moved into our home, I can’t ever remember feeling so cold.

Our wonky little house has got thick stone walls and although (thanks to it’s grade 2 listing) we don’t have double glazing, we do have secondary glazing which keeps us nice and snug.

But last week saw us with the central heating cranked right up, the AGA on and — not one but — two fires lit downstairs. Only then did I begin to thaw out and start to feel warm.

My friend’s tumble dryer packed up under the constant barrage of washing. No delivery driver with any sense wanted to brave the snow so, as a result, she said her kitchen resembled a Chinese laundry.

Oh to have a dedicated laundry room.

Which brings me neatly on to last week’s favourite post.

Home Etc Favourite

We’ve featured Leoma (from the blog Style The Clutter) on Home Etc before — with her beautiful sitting room — but, once again, Lins and I deemed her a worthy winner, with this amazing laundry room transformation.

home etc — beautiful laundry room

home etc — beautiful laundry room
Both images courtesy of Style The Clutter

Absolutely spectacular — particularly when you see the ‘before’ pics.

Thanks so much for linking up all your fabulous posts! And don’t forget to tag any home related pics on Instagram with the #HomeEtc hashtag too.

Here’s a little selection of my recent faves.

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  1. You’re so welcome Leoma — it’s SUCH a beautiful room!! As I don’t have a utility room of any kind in our little cottage, I’m very VERY envious!!!

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