Home Etc #122

Did you know, there are just 8 weeks and 5 days until Christmas day?

Sorry — for those of you that still aren’t allowing the C Word to be mentioned but I think we need to take a deep breath and acknowledge that it’s on it’s way.

Me especially.

I’ve been living in a bit of a weird state of suspended animation recently.

Ever since the boys started school I’ve been trying to get into a routine and find my groove. Weirdly, everyone else in the family seems to have managed beautifully.

The twins segue from nursery to school seems to have been faultless and they’ve settled in nicely. Their daddy drops them off at the classroom door every morning, before heading off to work.

But it seems that I have not been able to adjust so well, and the change in structure has unsettled me a bit.

Happily, the Home Etc community has been keeping me grounded and I’ve really enjoyed seeing lots of new blogs linking up each week.

Favourite Home Etc Blog

Our favourite post from last week was from Leoma who writes over at Style The Clutter.

She showed off her gorgeous sitting room.

Home Etc — Decorating with dark walls
All above images courtesy of Style The Clutter

Spectacular non?

Although, it’s no surprise that I like it.

Leoma has chosen exactly the same colour that I painted our bedroom; Stiffkey Blue from Farrow and Ball!

It’s such a dark shade but works so beautifully.

I’m so glad I went over to the dark side too.

6 thoughts on “Home Etc #122”

    • Same Suzanne — I love them. They’re amazingly easy to live with too. It took a while for me to go over to the dark side but I’m so glad I did. I’d love high ceilings like Leoma’s though — we had them in our first home. I really miss them!


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