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I had an interesting conversation the other day via Facebook. With a friend who asked what hashtags were for and — essentially — whether they were a load of old rubbish.

The majority of her friends said yes — they were useless. One said that they were really useful on Twitter and it was a good way to find out sports news.

I replied:

‘I use them a lot on Instagram mostly. They’re a great way of finding things — or communities — that I like. Home and interiors stuff, other twin parents, festivals.

It’s such a massive platform so hashtags are the best way of searching for the things you want to see. They’re used on Twitter too — but more for business or news related content than hobbies or interests.

Instagram hashtags are for everything under the sun… fashion, flowers, craft, baking, makeup…. I love them.’

And just going through Instagram yesterday and scrolling through all the lovely images that have been tagged with the Home Etc hashtag, I realised just how useful they actually are.

I’ve found loads of lovely new blogs and IG accounts to follow, as a direct result of our hashtag. And, without it, I just don’t know how I’d ever keep up to date with this fab little community.

Here’s a selection of my recent favourites.

Home Etc Grid #112

my_home_impression / thesefourwallsblog  /brickdustandglitter  / lifeineight  / oldfashionedsus  / lazydaisyjones  / theordinarylovely / suzannew_pics   / pinkscharming

 As ever, I’ve collated some of my faves but it’s just amazing how well they sit together isn’t it? As well as echoing the seasons, there definitely always seems to be a strong link between all of the images.
Either by trend or colour.

Favourite Home Etc Blog

Last weeks favourite blog post came from Keira who writes over Dekkobird. She shared her bedroom makeover plans. I love all the ideas — especially the little gold lamp.

Pop over to her blog and have a read if you missed it! But be warned — you’ll be wanting to revamp your bedroom after you’ve seen all the gorgeous inspiration.

Home Etc
Mood board image courtesy of Dekkobird

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

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