Happy Feet & Individuality | Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

There are certain things that I love — where my own enthusiasm is definitely rubbing off on my little sons.

Painting and drawing for one.

I’ve loved anything creative since I was a tiny tot. Get the paints or crayons out and I’m as happy as Larry.

When we were in Wales last week, I took my watercolours and calligraphy kit and spent a lovely morning in Dai’s holiday cottage, just faffing at the kitchen table, with Bertie sitting next to me doing the same with his crayons and paints.

New shoes invoke a similar kind of enthusiasm.

The sight of a box containing unworn and unmarked shoes — nestling inside their tissue paper cocoon —  makes me a very happy girl indeed.

And so too, it seems, my sons.

Happy Feet

I remember so clearly when we got their feet measured for the first time.

We went to a Clarks’ shop for the fitting; they’d been wearing soft shoes and wellies up until that point and it was the first time they’d had their feet measured. Or been given a proper pair of shoes in a box.

I wrote a post and made a little film of their reaction — it was so sweet.

I wish I hadn’t been such a newbie at the time and had remembered to turn my phone the right way when I was filming but, even so, having such a sweet moment — recorded for posterity — is a lovely thing. Those sweet little voices make my heart want to burst!

Three years on and their reaction to new shoes hasn’t changed a bit.

The exclamations are a little bit more legible now — but the sentiment is still the same.

Their excitement to unbox new footwear is unmistakable. And something that I recognise totally as being learnt behaviour.

Either that, or it’s genetic.

Bertie opening his Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Favourite Things

But when you merge two of your children’s very favourite things, the excitement levels go through the roof!

I’ve spoken about Bobux shoes before; they’re a brand that I absolutely LOVE.

If you want cool kids’ footwear — that are as kind to growing feet as they are stylish — I can’t recommend a better company.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with them on a couple of occasions but I’ve also bought two or three pairs of their shoes and boots for Bertie and Cosmo and can vouch that they’re well worth the money.

They’re a little more expensive than Clarks, for example, but the quality is exceptional and they’re beautifully designed too.

And none more so than their Custom shoes.

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

But whilst Bobux Custom shoes have the same stylish looks — and podiatrist endorsed design — as their other ranges, they also offer something a little bit different.

They literally combine two of the boys’ very favourite things.

Shoes and colouring in!

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom with their special pens

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Creativity From Head to Toe

I can’t tell you how excited the boys were when they first opened their new colouring in shoes.

The noise levels were pretty high when I produced the two boxes; but when they opened them and spotted the cute pack of special pens that were nestled inside, their excitement went off the scale!!

The shoes have been designed with specially developed coated leather; so kids can colour them in with the markers provided.

And if they make a mistake — or get bored of their masterpiece — you can just give the surface of the shoes a clean with water or a wet-wipe and they can start again.

They’re brilliant.

And not only that. From my point of view, to give my children something that will keep them quiet — and engaged — for a couple of hours, that doesn’t involve a screen of any kind is a winner.

Every once in while, you stumble across something that makes you wonder why you’ve never see in it before.

Admittedly, I’ve seen colour in t-shirts and bags but I’ve never seen colouring in shoes.

Harnessing a child’s imagination in this way is so clever.

But for my little boys, the best thing of all is the fact that they’ve been able to totally personalise — and take complete ownership of — their new kicks.

Celebrating The Differences

Usually I order the same shoe in different colours, for them, so we can tell whose is whose.

And occasionally we’ve had identical shoes then had to write their name’s inside (which can be tricky as it tends to rub off after a while).

But, in this instance, they’ve got the same shoes but can tell instantly which pair is theirs.

These Bobux Custom shoes are more than just a gimmick; for my little twins they’re nothing short of brilliant. They offer the chance for them to explore their own identity and personality. 

They loved sitting and colouring them in.

But even more, they love the fact that their new shoes have got their artwork — and their names — on the outside.

Which, for a twin, is so important, as identity is everything.

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Colouring in shoes by Bobux Custom

Many thanks to the kind soles souls at Bobux for giving my little pair of Picassos a truly unique pair of shoes — and the chance to stamp their own identity!

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

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    1. They loved it!! Drawing and colouring keeps them occupied for HOURS — but I think overall they loved customising their shoes because drawing on shoes is generally not allowed!!! They loved the fact that they were able to do something a bit left field :)

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