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9 thoughts on “Get In Touch

  1. Hi my name is Thomas, I came across your site and would like some information on advertising on your site. Do you have an advertisement rate card or any type of set price(s) you are looking for to allow us to advertise on your site?

    We usually look for small banner placement, widget or site reviews as our main focus of online advertisement. We are currently trying to build our web presence and exposure, your site feels very well matched with our brand. If you could also let me know if you have any form of email of social base which may you be also be interested in promoting our brand on?

    Many Thanks


  2. Hi!

    Would you be interested in reviewing our service Mummy Workouts?

    We offer webcam fitness classes for mums, unlimited classes from only £8-12pm

    Here is our website:

    Please let me know your thoughts!

    1. Hi Tin,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m not sure this is really my kind of thing but would be more than happy to pass on your details, to some blogger friend that might be interested?

      Best wishes,


  3. Hi, I’ve just watched your video on the Siemens washing machine – and thank you ! I’ve spent ages trying to find out how to operate it, I’ve bought one for our cottage (a holiday let) and whilst the shop that sold it told me it was great, the user guide just isn’t “lulu-friendly” so your video has helped. I just need to get some practice in setting it up on a simple quick wash! Lulu

    1. Aaah thank you SO much for getting in touch Lulu!!! That’s so fab that it helped you. I was a bit baffled too when I first got mine — they’re SUCH great machines though!! Cxx

  4. hi im restoring a caravan and want to remove the walls which once had a bathroom in it is thier any easy way to do this?

    1. Hi Christi, I’ve never removed any walls from our caravans but I think you’d have to be very careful not to disturb the structure and weaken the frame by taking the walls out.

      They might be used to strengthen and support the roof of the van.

      May I ask why you want to remove the wall — and not just utilise the space, as it is?

      Best, Caro x

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