Developing a love for geometry | Geometric Lighting

Geometric lighting, geometric print cushions, geometric homeware — geometry is taking interiors by storm.

Now, I loathed geometry at school.

I’m a complete dullard when it comes to maths.

Being made to do fractions and *shudder* long division is something that I still have nightmares about.

geometric lighting from iconic lights

However, every new school year — without fail — I’d twist my mum’s arm.

And persuade her to buy me a brand new pencil case and yet another geometry set.

And what did I do with it?

Well, the protractor was always useful for carving one’s name in the desks.

And the little ruler was always in use — until I invariably lost it — but the rest of it was redundant.

Geometry was — and still is — as hazy as algebra and trigonometry.

Geometric Homewares

Although, all of a sudden the new buzz-word in interiors is ‘geometric’ and my interest has being piqued.

I’ve spotted some really beautiful things recently — tables, vases, wallpaper.

Even our lovely bed throw from Habitat, that I wrote about at the beginning of the year, has a geometric pattern.

So to keep it company we’ve just installed the most gorgeous geometric pendant lamps from Iconic Lights.

geometric lighting from iconic lights
The Diablo pendant shade offers the best in geometric lighting
geometric lighting from iconic lights

Geometric Lighting Loveliness

Gorgeously  graphic, these Geometric beauties are fantastic quality.

The Diablo pendant shades are made from a heavy, powder coated metal — and a steal at just £13.


Rather than hang the shades on the old white fittings, I ordered a couple of black industrial style lampholder pendants too.

I must just point out that the shades weren’t actually designed for these.

My boy had to dismantle the fitting in order to get the shades on.

There was a moment of panic when we didn’t think they would fit; but it’s worked out beautifully and I’m so pleased.

In a different setting the coloured lamp-holders would look amazing. Maybe in sunshine yellow — or even red. But for our bedroom and dressing area the black works perfectly.

Plus I’ve teamed them with vintage filament bulbs; which look amazing when they’re off. But even more extraordinary when they’re on!

geometric lighting
The best in geometric lighting
filament bulb and geometric lighting from iconic lights
Squirrel cage bulb also available from Iconic Lighting
filament bulb and geometric lighting from iconic lights
Up close and personal with a filament bulb
filament bulb and geometric lighting from iconic lights

I’m pretty pleased with them, I must tell you.

Since we’ve lived in our current home, we’ve had a chinzy old lampshade hanging above our bed.

And a little ozone-busting chandelier taking centre stage in the dressing area.

The fact they didn’t match irked me slightly. So to replace them with these little black numbers, has not only restored the balance in the room; but given me a new love for geometry.

Mr Shaw — my maths teacher — would be so proud.

geometric lighting
Developing a love for geometry with our new geometric lighting

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

50 thoughts on “Developing a love for geometry | Geometric Lighting

  1. I love these and love the love picture too. Looks gorgeous – and yes, this is the best kind of geometry right? None of that school stuff! :) Thanks for hosting xx

  2. Love love love these light fittings and the whole geometric trend in general. And such a ‘bright’ idea to use the vintage filament bulbs to soften the light a bit but keep it bright IYKWIM!!

  3. Firstly – I apologise for the bloody late comment – I have had ‘one of those’ weeks, though I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet either.
    This pendant is stunning!! I bought a coper/rose gold effect one (which look pretty similar to the design you have here) for our new study and I absolutely love it too. Though, as the fabulous stylist you are, you have taken this one step further and added that special ‘Caro’ touch and made it a pure item of beauty with the industrial light fittings and the beautiful vintage bulb – both things I never even knew were available! I adore all things ‘geometric’ at the mo too, but like you – also hated it at school. It just wasn’t as pretty back then I reckon! I have my eye on some lovely geometric curtains, and some pretty mugs, so perhaps these might need to feature soon too. Thanks so much for hosting lovely, Steph xxx #HomeEtc

    1. Aaah!! Late comment??! I only managed to do mine last night so you’re doing MUCH better than me!! ;) And yep — I agree — perhaps if they’d taught geometry at school using gorgeous home furnishings, I’d have paid more attention! ;)

  4. These look amazing and SO stylish! I too hated maths in school :) I love the look of finishing them off with a filament bulb, we did something similar with a copper fisherman’s lampshade it makes such a difference to the overall result Xx

  5. Ok how much of a steal are those ??
    I love Geometric design, I have for many years now, so these are right up my alley.

    Filmant bulbs work perfectly too, I have a similar copper lamp and it is just so beautiful thanks to the bulb.

    Love xx

  6. I am glad the geometric trend is here to stay, there’s just something about it that looks so stylish. You guys have really put these lampshades to good use, and putting the vintage lightbulbs in makes them look even more stylish! x

  7. The shades look great! I really love those filament bulbs too, have had my eye on them for possible use in our kitchen re-model. How much light do they actually give off? Is it enough or are they really just decorative? #HomeEtc

    1. I think that a clear bulb would give off more light — we went for a vintage/amber colour and they’re a bit dimmer than a normal 60W bulb — more than a 40W, if that makes sense?

  8. Oooh! I LOVE these lights – they’d look fab in my bedroom too – as it’s all monochrome with a splash of yellow – I love the idea of the yellow wires with the black pendants! Fab! Popping over from #HomeEtc

  9. He he that really made me chuckle, loathing maths but loving geometry sets, me too! The lamp s and bulbs look great, and I hope Mr Shaw is reading :)

  10. Caro they look gorgeous I love them and oooh swoon those bulbs are gorgeous, I have a real thing about lighting Caro, I get quite excited about lights and bulbs x

  11. I used to LOVE getting my new pencil case and stationary at the beginning of each school year. I would feel so proud! I can’t believe these are only £13? Absolute BARGAIN and how delicious is your house? They look stunning! xxx

    1. Ah thanks so much Esther! :) YES! A new pencil case was the highlight of my school year!!! I loved having lots of new stationery items to start back in September :)

  12. Just the other day I was pinning geometric candle holders that I have my eye on for the lounge, I hadn’t considered shades too. We have a filament light bulb in the bedroom and are waiting for the right fitting to complement it. This would be ideal to compliment rather than obscure the bulb.

  13. We don’t have anything geometric yet, but it is certainly everywhere you look now isn’t it, I love how you have hung these away from the ceiling fittings, they look fab. x

  14. I love the geometric trend! We have a beautiful brass light fitting in our hallway from M&S – they called it hexagonal which really annoyed me, because it was actually a pentagon! Your lights here are lovely, I love the repetition of having two. I absolutely adore those filament bulbs as well – they’re just so pretty. #HomeEtc

  15. Oh girl! I’ve been looking at shades like this the whole morning and here it was the answer to my Google search! lol We are re-decorating our master bedroom and I’m hoping to replace our bedside tables with two of these hanging from the wall. Off to check them out! Thanks! :)

    1. They’ve got some absolutely gorgeous designs. I love the difference a black — or coloured cord makes too — looks so lovely in comparison to the usual white ones :)

  16. Those pendant lights are a steal at that price! I’ve deliberated over some of the copper effect ones that are quite similar before but the black ones look even better!

  17. I love these lights and what a bargain too! I love it when you can find trend pieces at a reasonable price because it doesn’t matter when your tastes change and you want something new. There’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on something to only find you’re bored after a few weeks. Can you tell I get bored easily??? Anyways, they look lovely!xxx

  18. Love, love, love. Now I just have to convince my wife we should have a Diablo shade in our house. Might just get one without teling her! Thanks for hosting #HomeEtc

  19. I really love the simplicity but uniqueness of this shade. The light bulb is amazing feature too. Glad your hubby is handy to get everything put together. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I KNOW!! I’m SO glad he was able to take them to pieces and put the lights up!! I’d have been gutted if it hadn’t worked and we’d have had to send them back!!

  20. Black was a good choice. Those shades really stand out. The vintage bulbs are a perfect match for the shades.
    Isn’t it funny how we can abhor something when we are young(er) and then come to see it in a while new light later in life (oh – pun not intended!)?

  21. They are stunning Caro! They look amazing, and so stylish. What a fabulous addition to your room. Modern meets country chic. Amazing :) Jess xx

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