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Since I’ve been blogging or — more particularly — since I’ve been Instagramming, (pop and have a look at my account and please do follow if you like what you see!) I’ve been much more aware of my surroundings.

When you’re in London you’re always told to ‘look up’ as there’s so many amazing architectural features up high. Fabulous stonemasonry — gargoyles and ornate coving — or intricate windows and chimney stacks. Those Victorians and Georgians really knew how to build beautiful structures didn’t they?

But since I’ve been blogging, as well as looking up, I also have more of a tendency to look down too.

There is beauty in so many things {interesting textures, leaves, gravel, paving, patterned flooring} but also taking photographs from above, looking down, gives just  as much of a visual record of what I’ve been doing — and where I’ve been — as any other kind of angle.

The hashtags #floorselfies or #Ihavethisthingwithfloors are huge on Instagram and I’m definitely guilty of stopping in my tracks occasionally and taking sneaky pics of my footwear in various locations.

I was scrolling through my phone recently and found so many odd little shots of my feet in numerous different settings so I thought I’d put together a little collection from the last few weeks.

A little collection of my #floorselfies

9 little #floorselfies from the last few weeks

It’s so funny to look back on them, I know exactly what I was doing in each one.

Top row; from left to right —
1 — Off to the Laura Ashley press day.
2 — Playing crazy golf, on my mum and dad’s anniversary weekend.
3 — Going to Birmingham for a day out with my blogging besties.

Middle row; from left to right —
1 — In a carpark in Milton Keynes, waiting to get my Mac fixed, looking at the leaves on the floor!
2 — The Twinkles and me, at home.
3 — Dropping paperwork off at the solicitors.

Bottom row; from left to right —
1 — In our lovely chalet at Center Parcs — more of that to come in a week or so.
2 — Outside Harvey Nichols.
3 — Having a pedicure at the Aqua Sana spa.

#floorselfies — wellies and floral carpet

We’ve recently bought a house to renovate.

It’s totally derelict inside — there are walking sticks holding up some of the ceilings upstairs — but incredibly, up until very recently, there was an old lady called Esther May living there.

There are little reminders of her — and how she lived — throughout the house. It seems really weird to see floral carpet amidst all the grime and degradation. It’s a little bit sad to be honest.

#floorselfies — pom-pom slippers and flooring samples

My boy and I have been discussing doing a long awaited mini-makeover for our kitchen — as an interim measure before we build the extension we’ve been planning (we’re at least a couple of years off that and I can’t wait that long)— we’re planning to spray paint the old units and (finally) get rid of the revolting inherited flooring (hallelujah!).

I’ve got some samples in but we’ve been struggling to decide between very light or very dark flooring but I *think* we’ve finally made a decision and we’re going to go with this black brushed engineered oak flooring from Luxury Floorings.

It’s going to look amazing, contrasting against fresh white walls and white cabinets.

#floorselfies — patterned tiled flooring

From one extreme to the other; very plain flooring to incredibly ornate!

This was taken the other week in Bella Italia at Center Parcs.

As the kitchen staff looked on in amusement I wondered how many people stopped — on a trip back from the loos — and took a quick pic of their beautiful tiled floor?

Not just me surely?! ;)

#floorselfies — my gorgeous rug from My Rug Store

Aaah my gorgeous new rug from My Rug Store!

I wrote about this a few weeks’ ago — how I’d spent so much time choosing the right style, colour, size and pattern. So worth all the deliberation though. I’m still totally in love with it, so much so,  it’s unlikely that it’s ever going to make it to the she-shed (which it was it was intended for).

#floorselfies — sea-green brogues on a rainy day

This was taken in Cambridge a couple of weeks’ ago.

I’d been without a mobile phone for 18 days — pretty tough for a blogger — and had just taken delivery of my new phone. I was making up for lost time and taking photos of everything and anything.

Plus I’d got my favourite shoes on; they’re always good for a photograph on a dreary day!

#floorselfies — taking time out with my littles

Finally (I saved my favourite until last) this was taken when I picked the littles up from nursery last week.

More often than not, it’s sometimes impossible to just get them into the car.

There is a little grassy bank, which they like to scale on a sunny day.

Other days we get stuck looking at the box of lost property in the foyer.

(I curse that box some days).

And on this particular day, we had to stop and look at all the pretty leaves on the ground.

But sometimes it’s good to slow down and look at the leaves though, isn’t it?

Just looking at this little collection of snaps reaffirms that for me.

There’s beauty all around us. But don’t forget to look down as well as up.

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

22 thoughts on “The world at my feet | #floorselfies

  1. Gorgeous! Love all the textures.
    And I would so love a tour around Ester May’s house. It sounds like it would be steeped in memory. xXx

  2. I had to put my face in my #floorselfies photos!!!! Cheat ;)
    I love these’ Caro. I am in my element looking at all of the textures and patterns. Still love that rug. I love the way all of these have a little personal story attached. I feel inspired to do more floor shots. However, I have the ugliest toes EVER, so mine would have to be safely encased in shoes.

    Plus, I’m like you…I find myself popping to the loo in a restaurant and when confronted by fab tiles I’m contemplating trying to take a cheeky selfie! #HOMEETC

  3. I have to say I have always had a bit of a thing with floors, I have an obsession with tiled floors, so I always seek out them, especially in London.

    I don’t get to join the hashtags as much as I would like as I never seem to see a great floor local to me.

    I am excited to see your little projects coming to life xxx

  4. I love the colours in yours, we do look funny taking photos of our feet….but it’s not always our feet were taking photos of. It’s what is underneath…but being a blogger you see more than the normal person. You look around more, and see things in more detail. Your photos prove that, as they are really cool!

  5. I love a good floor selfie! I’m forever taking pictures of my feet, especially when I love the flooring or if there’s loads of leaves outside, all much to my husband’s bemusement! xx

  6. I’m guilty of the odd #ihavethisthingwithfloors post too. I love looking at other people’s ones too. I even catch myself, while watching a film, admiring the flooring in a scene rather than conccentrating on what is going on!

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