Everchanging Walls and Inexpensive Artwork | Featuring Desenio

I’ve always been a fickle soul when it comes to interiors. Brimming with enthusiasm for one thing — until I have my head turned by something else.

Forever scrolling through Right Move, looking for the ‘perfect’ home.

(I don’t think it exists by the way, there are just too many amazing houses for just one to be perfect!)

The walls in our houses have changed colour a number of times; from white to charcoal grey, dark grey, deepest, darkest navy back to white.

On repeat.

I’ve collected Living Etc magazines since they first hit the news stands and spend hours poring over gorgeous room schemes; planning my dream kitchen and what I’d do if I ever won that elusive lottery jackpot.

And the artwork around our house is everchanging too.

This could potentially pose a problem — after all, art prints can be expensive — but I have a little trick up my sleeve.

Introducing Desenio

Have you ever heard of Desenio?

If you’ve not, prepare to be excited!

Desenio are a Scandinavian brand, formed in 2010. And their ethos — and the idea behind the company —  was that stylish affordable art prints should be available to everyone.

I’m a little bit obsessed, it must be said.

Not only do they make it über-easy; you can choose your art online by colour, subject, size… the list goes on. They also sell perfect frames to pop your prints in; metallic, wood or monochrome, they’ve got a great selection.

And — best of all — Desenio have pages of inspirational images of perfect picture pairings and a clever on-line tool to help you create the perfect gallery wall at home.

It’s one of the best websites I’ve come across for inexpensive artwork.

Everchanging Walls

One of the things I like most about my Desenio art prints are that I can mix and match them to the frames.

And, as I’ve got a few in the same size, I can swap them from room to room

This is perfect, for a fickle soul like me, as it means my constant desire to mix things up and keep things looking fresh, is sated.

For example:

Kate Moss — who used to hang in our snug…

Has now swapped places with the beautiful quote on balance, that used to hang in our bedroom.

I think the balance print works so well against the dark walls.

I loved it in our bedroom too, but quite like waking up to Miss Moss every day! I’ve always loved that image — it makes me smile.

As well as larger pictures, Desenio also do a fantastic range of super affordable art prints in smaller sizes.

These postcard sized prints are brilliant for giving old frames a new lease of life.

I love this botanical print, of a cotton plant, in my old Kiko frame.

All Change

And did you notice that — beyond the print hanging on the wall in the landing — the prints above our bed have swapped yet again?

Instead of the blush tones of the palm trees against a pink sky I swapped them with a print that I had hanging in my dressing area.

Which means I could exchange the pink bedlinen and blush pink cushions, for white bedding and blue, chevron striped cushions.

And the restful pink collection that used to be above my bed, is now where the Five Minutes print used to hang…


It’s all change!

But perfect for a chameleon like me, who likes things to be constantly evolving.

Talking of which, I might move Kate back to the snug; she looked fab in there…

To see how we’ve created another gallery wall in our home, using Desenio’s inexpensive artwork, pop and have a look at this post — Creating a Gallery Wall with Desenio.

Many thanks to the lovely team at Desenio for sending me the gorgeous pictures for the purpose of styling this post.

Although this is a collaborative with Desenio post all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own. 

Please share, if you like this!

About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

26 thoughts on “Everchanging Walls and Inexpensive Artwork | Featuring Desenio

    1. Thanks lovely — I have just been looking at replacing the pink ones for green! It’s so lovely to be able to mix and match so easily. I dare-say, if the Desenio prices weren’t so affordable, I wouldn’t dream of changing my artwork so frequently but it such a bargain isn’t it?! :)

  1. Caro – I need more artwork in my life. And if it’s affordable, then you can count me in. The 5 minutes print is perfect for me. Mind if I copy?! #HomeEtc

  2. I love the prints you’ve chosen. I even have the same botanical one. I worked on a campaign with Desenio a while back and it took me hours to narrow down a selection. So many amazing ones to choose from. I’ve been buying from there ever since, too. I really like their frames, as well.

  3. I love your choices Caro, Desenio has so many wonderful prints is hard to make a choice! The botanical print is beautiful, nice and simple but looks so nice on that frame.
    And where is your dressing cabinet from?

    1. It’s SO hard isn’t it? I went round in circles, trying to choose! So happy to find a print that suits the little Kiko frame :) And the chest of drawers is IKEA by the way xx

  4. Haha totally addicted to right move too! I love Desenio and the fact they do framing too, makes it all so easy. Gorgeous bedroom and styling Caro. x

  5. You have to love Desenios’s reasonable prices for this reason, my latest poster which started in my Living Room is just about to be moved to the Snug.

    I love your choices, there is nothing better than ever changing Interiors Items in my mind xx

  6. I remember participating in a DESENIO campaign a few months ago and feeling literally lost in for hours in their amazing collection of prints online. There is something for everyone. The kids, the minimalist, the maximalist, the typography lover… Oh and by the way, how awesome was your Instagram photo like the goddess Kali (6 hands and all) LOL

    1. You’re SO right Jenny!! There really is something for everyone!! I love their ranges! And THANK YOU!! That’s so lovely of you!! I’ve started treating IG as an entity in it’s own right and less as an extension of my blog!! It’s lovely to do things that are a little different. Thanks so much for noticing and commenting! :) xx

  7. Your poster prints are fab – I especially like the botanical one! I keep meaning to find some for both our conservatory and dining room, but I’m always a bit overwhelmed by the choice and can never narrow it down to just a couple! The decision paralysis is real, ha!

  8. We are not really at the stage of renovation where adding artwork is possible – we need some actual finished painted walls to hang it on first! But I can’t wait to add art and I am definitely going to be using Desenio – have admired so many of their prints over the past couple of years but always resisted buying. I hadn’t thought about using interchangeable ones of the same size, this is absolute genius! Will definitely bear it in mind x

    1. Aaah I’m hoping to be at that stage soon!!! ;) We’ve just been discussing our extension plans with our architect!! Al being well, we’ll be renovating soon too!! I cannot WAIT :)

  9. I love your choices from Desenio which I love for all the reasons you’ve mentioned! Such an amazingly huge range of gorgeous prints that it’s hard to narrow down when I’m browsing their store. (So instead of narrowing down, I just buy all the ones that are grabbing me, haha! Love how affordable they are, even better with your offer!)

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