125 weeks and 6 days | Dreaming of a kitchen makeover

When we moved into our current home one of the things we said we’d do — when we had the money — was a kitchen makeover.

Our current kitchen just doesn’t work for our needs; the look and feel of it is OK (ish) but the layout of it is appalling.

For a keen chef (my boy, not me, I hasten to add!) it just hasn’t enough storage for all the cheffy items he uses (and doesn’t use — breadmaker anyone?).

There is very little worktop or preparation space and ancient wooden cupboards that I painted when we moved in. I like the fact that they’re painted units but the fact that they’re cupboards?  This I don’t like! I’m the girl who leaves the doors open, then bangs my head because I’ve forgotten about it! Idiot.

When we re-did the kitchen in our old house we did away with top cupboards entirely and replaced the base units with huge, deep drawers. Perfect for pans and stacks of plates. Our old kitchenIt was designed to suit our needs and worked perfectly — and is poles apart from the one we have inherited here.

On a positive note, one thing we have, that I do love — but takes up an inordinate amount of room — is a gigantic AGA. It’s a beast of a thing and is three base cupboards in width. It’s a huge use of space, particularly as half of it is switched off for 6 months of the year.

But we love it.

In the winter, cosying up to it’s glorious warmth and warming your gloves and socks on it is heavenly. What you lose in space  — and practicality — you gain in quirky charm. And warm feet.

A fair trade off, I think.

So in my new kitchen — when we get around to redoing it — what kind of things will be on my ‘must-have’ list?

Grande Larder cupboard from An Angel At My Table

A larder cupboard.

We have a (sort of a) larder cupboard in our current kitchen. But it’s FULL to bursting and isn’t very well organised. Plus it has a shelf that sags in the middle. My dream kitchen larder will have nicely ordered shelves and a place for everything. And solid shelves, that do not sag ;)

The pic above is a thing of beauty.

I’d also have space saving devices and state of the art technology. Why take up valuable worktop space when your tap can give you boiling water? ;)


1. Storage Baskets — CP Kitchens
2. Quooker Boiling Water Tap — Quooker
3. Deep, wide drawers — painted in a beautiful colour
4. Integrated recycling bins — CP Kitchens

Fabulous, clever storage is key and I’d replace all the cupboards with deep, wide drawers, fitted with clever racks and holders for all of our equipment. Plus I’d have integrated recycling bins to negate the need for boxes and bags all over the floor. To be honest the list goes on and on, but the things above are the things I’d like the most!

And finally, a lovely kitchen island.

kitchen makeover

Painted cabinets from John Lewis of Hungerford

OK. Now I’m definitely in la-la-land. Our kitchen isn’t actually big enough to house an island but this is beautiful isn’t it?

A girl can dream.

To have a look at more ‘dreamy’ kitchen ideas, I’ve put a little Pinterest board together— pop over and have a look.

Follow Twinkle Diaries’s board Kitchen Ideas on Pinterest.

This post was written in collaboration with CP Kitchens but all thoughts and words, as ever, are my own.

About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

36 thoughts on “125 weeks and 6 days | Dreaming of a kitchen makeover

  1. Your dream kitchen looks a lot like my dream kitchen Caro, which I’ve tried to create in our house. I’ll have to post pictures one day. I love a white kitchen with white walls and white tiles, although I realise it’s not practical with little ones. Hey Ho! Great post as always xx

    1. Aah I cannot WAIT to have my dream kitchen in my ACTUAL kitchen H!!! ;) Our current kitchen is OK — I think a lot of people would love it — but it’s just not for us. I’m not keep on the ramshackle country kitchen look ;) xx

  2. That larder cupboard is just gorgeous. I now desperately want and need one. I also have one of those magic boiling water taps, but alas being in a rented house, that will never be.

  3. I have always wanted an Island! Love them! Also love that stylish larder cupboard! Never seen those before, and its painted a lovely colour too! #HomeEtc xx

    1. Aaah me too!! We could have one in our current kitchen but we’d have to lose the giant farmhouse table in the middle of the room!!! To be honest, the table is more important at the mo. I don’t know what we’d do without it!! Kids meals, painting and craft — plus it’s extra workspace for me :)

  4. How funny, I’ve been dreaming of a kitchen update lately too – the post I just linked is v similar to this! Your post has inspired me even more. And how lovely to have an AGA, we had one growing up and I loved it on winter mornings! #HomeEtc xx

  5. What great choices for space saving and organisation, we too have very little worktop space and it really discourages me from actually going anything in the kitchen at all. Remember dreams can come true ;) X #HomeEtc

    1. Hahaha!! I LOVE that!! ;) YES. They certainly can — although I think I’ll need a lottery win first!! :) It’s definitely the heart of our home but it’s not stylish as I’d like, that’s for sure!! ;)

  6. I love looking at dream kitchens. But you do need the space in the first place. We have a lovely designer kitchen as we have a new-build flat, but it’s tiny, like just one side of the living area wall. So we definitely need those space saving things. Those recycling bins look good! Sabrina xx #homeetc

    1. Aah me too! Our kitchen’s nearly 18ft x 11ft so it’s not small… at the min it’s laid out SO badly though. To me in feels much smaller than it is — I can’t WAIT til we can afford to do it properly!! x

  7. I love your ideas. I wrote a really similar post to this back in January (http://homeheartharmony.com/?p=757) but we’ve since had to shelve all our plans (VERY sad face!) I’m now trying to get a modified, and cheaper plan past the hubby. It’s so hard to accept that I can’t have my dream kitchen but hopefully we can create something fabulous anyway! I’m off to check out your pinterest board! xx

    1. Thanks so much Sue! I’ll pop along and have a look — I always love looking at other people’s wishlists! :) It’s SO hard isn’t it, when you have your heart set on something? We’ll get there eventually, I’m sure! :)

  8. I created a mini version of our dream kitchen a few years back but one thing I would love is an aha, food always tastes better cooked in one! #homeect

  9. It’s always sad when you have to leave behind a kitchen you’ve designed yourself. I still miss our old one – it was perfect, whereas our kitchen now is more about making do. I massively envy your Aga – one day, in my dreams… #HomeEtc

    1. Aah I’m gutted about it — it was *perfect* and our new kitchen is poles apart from it!! The AGA is something that I really love — and we’d install one if the next house didn’t have one! ;)

  10. It’s a pain to do your kitchen but once you get it right it’s so so worth it. We’ve got the undercounter recycling bins and they are worth losing half of the cupboard under the sink, as it means you we no longer have the unsightly kitchen caddy on the worktop. My top tip: try to do it over summer so you can use the barbeque and have somewhere to plug the microwave in! Thanks for hosting #homeetc

  11. I would love that Island too. I am posting about my kitchen next week , I’m half way there with white units, I just have to wait now to paint the walls but as soon as I can they are going to be white too. Lovely ideas and thank you for hosting x

  12. Oh, I have always wanted an Aga! I loved looking through your Pinterest board. We currently rent, but I’m always planning for when we finally buy our own home :)
    Thanks for hosting #HomesETC

    1. It’s a lovely thing to have — expensive to run — but lovely :) There are not many ovens that prompt people to wrap their arms round it, are there?!!! So glad you liked the Pinterest board — a girl can dream eh? ;) xx

  13. Lovely, lovely ideas. Ive been SO lucky to have two amazing kitchens in my last two homes, and wow do I love being in them!! Agree that a good chef needs a good kitchen! Exciting times! Thanks for co-hosting, and making this linky such fun :) Jess xx


    1. My boy is (thankfully) a GREAT chef!! But he comes with a LOT of gadgets!! How I wish we could have bought our old kitchen with us and put it in this house!! Thanks for hosting with me pet :) It’s such a fun linky :) xx

  14. There is nothing better than having a beautiful crisp and white kitchen to prepare family meals in. Lovely pictures. We are also wanting to redo our kitchen and actually extend it too… we have just laid a new floor which has made a world of difference x

    1. Aaah I totally agree. Our inherited kitchen work surfaces are horrible. Old and stained — not a nice place to prepare food. That said, it’s a nice room — it has beams and an AGA — and when we replace everything else including the floor (which is HORRIBLE!) it will be lovely xx

  15. We were lucky enough to inherit huge kitchen drawers for pans and woks at The barn and I LOVE them. We don’t have an island but it’s a U shaped countertop that lends itself to people standing at one side while I cook which is fun and sociable. I love the larder cupboard you pictured – stunning! #HomeEtc

    1. Aah I sincerely wish we’d bought our old kitchen units with us!! The only cupboard I had was under the sink. Glasses, plates, pans, food, ALL went in huge wide drawers. I really miss them. Such a better use of space!! No more reaching into hard to reach cupboards!! (Haha! I sound like an advert!!! ;) ) xx

  16. Oh my, that larder cupboard is beautiful, I didn’t know such a thing existed but I would love one. It must be so nice to have an AGA too, I think it would take some getting used to but I bet you wouldn’t be without one now. xx

    1. Aah I’m OBSESSED with larder cupboards!! We had one in our old house — not as lovely as that one — but it housed most of the dry/tinned food. We’d got a veggie basket in a drawer — and a herb drawer — but everything else went in the larder cupboard. We’ve got something similar now but not nearly as smart.
      And yep — the AGA was a nightmare to get used to!! But we totally wouldn’t be without it now!! Absolutely love it :) xx

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