A Day Trip to London To See The Twin’s Godfather

Last week we took our little sons on a day trip to London for the first time.

Our bests live in London and even though we go down to visit them, in the suburbs, we’ve not ventured into the West End with the twins since they were born.

One of our favourite friends — Cosmo’s American guidefather Scott — was over from San Francisco on business, so we decided to take the train into the city and spend the day with him, whilst we had a chance.

A Day Trip to London To See The Twin's Godfather
My littles on a day trip to London for the first time!

A Day Trip To London

A day out in London is exciting enough but my two tiny boys also experienced the thrill of travelling by train plus a ride on a double-decker bus!

It’s a rare thing indeed for the Twinkles’ daddy to take the day off midweek so it was a real treat to spend the day together.

Lovely to see the boys’ faces as they watched the trains whizz past and very sweet to hear their little sing song voices shouting ‘Choo Choo Thomas! Choo Choo’!

The city was a really new experience for them.

We live in a fairly rural setting — a village surrounded by fields — where you’re more likely to see tractors than buses, and hear the sound of birds and sheep, than traffic and sirens.

That said, they didn’t seem at all phased — just took it all in with much interest.

Cosmo on a day trip to London
Bertie on day trip to London
The twins on a day trip to London
Two little men on a business lunch! Looking MUCH older than 2 years and 5 months!
Bertie on a day trip to London
Bertie looking pensive — sealing the deal :)
A day trip to London to see the twins godfather
Taking a breather in Hanover Square — note  the strategic splodge of sauce on Cosmo’s back!

It was so nice to hang out with Scotty for a few hours.

My boy and I have known him for almost 20 years and — even though they look nothing alike— Scott and Dickie call each other ‘my twin’.

Weird that we had ‘twins’ in the family even before Bertie and Cosmo were born! ;)

We ate lunch in a lovely Italian in Piccadilly, had a little mooch round Hamleys, chased pigeons in a leafy square, then whiled away the remaining hours in a pub. A perfect afternoon with one of our dearest friends.

A day out in London with my three boys.

A Day Trip to London To See The Twin's Godfather
A day trip to London with four of my best boys :)

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

20 thoughts on “A Day Trip to London To See The Twin’s Godfather

  1. Awwwww, this post and those photos make me so happy. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Cosmo and Bertie are so gorgeous and I adore their Monsoon t-shirts. Perfect for a visit to London Town. Adorable. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #HappyDays

  2. Love, love, LOVE the those Monsoon tops – they are gorgeous.

    I haven’t braved London with Jasmine since she was still teeny-tiny. I’m not sure I could handle it now to be honest. I think she’d cause a riot on the train!! ;)

    Really enjoyed reading this, Caro and your photos are as lovely as ever. :)


    1. Thanks lovely. They’re sweet aren’t they? I’ve always loved Monsoon for myself and I love their little girl’s clothes too — I had no idea they’d started to do boys wear!! :) I thought our London adventure would be more hectic than it was — I really enjoyed it! :) xx

  3. Oh I love this, they are so adorable and their tops are fab! We love London! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful day out and those t shirts are just so sweet. Your boys are adorable, I love the photo of them transfixed by the fountain! Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars xxx

  5. I love that they have London t-shirts on, they are so fab!! It sounds like you had a lovely day out. Love taking mine to London it’s so exciting for them! #sundaystars

  6. Ah it looks like a lovely day out Caro and they are getting so big! We don’t go into London enough considering we are reasonably near, we need to go and have more family days out there. x

    1. Thanks so much Katie :) It made me realise that we should do it more often! It’s only an hour on the train and, as they get older, I can see that there will be lots of museum trips and days out in the city coming up xx

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