Colour Your World | #22 Pantone Greenery {Colour Of The Year 2017}

I can’t believe I’m into my third year of  Pantone posts! When this series began I didn’t really have any agenda; I just loved looking at the colours and creating boards to tie in with them. Amazing that we’re into yet another year. And to kick off this year’s colours, it seems right and proper to start with the colour of the year 2017. Pantone Greenery.

Of which, Laurie Pressman of the Pantone Institute says:

‘Bringing forth a refreshing take, Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Illustrative of flourishing foliage, the fertile attributes of Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.’

It’s such a fresh colour. I think the perfect word to describe it would be ‘verdant’.

Reminds me of the Palm House at Kew.

Of tennis lawns and cheese plants. Meadows and snowdrops.

So in a bid to bring a little of the outside in, these picks for Pantone Greenery are for the sitting room.

But unlike all of my other Pantone posts all of this product has come from just one retailer — Wayfair.

Colour Your World in Pantone Greenery

Colour Your World in Pantone Greenery

1. Lison Throw in Cactus
2. Tropical Sidetable
3. Freschesa Lamp — Pura Lux
4. Meridianus Green Area Rug — Home Etc
5. Hanging Terrarioum Cube
6. 2 Seater Couch — Home & Haus
7. Scatter Cushion — Malini
8. Leaf Green Graphic Art Print

I’m definitely a fan of this lovely botanically inspired shade but think you can sometimes have too much of a good thing and I daresay that overloading on Pantone Greenery could have you feeling as though you’re living in a rainforest.

That said, pairing it with an inky green wall — Studio Green from Farrow and Ball would be an amazing choice — and layering it with a colour more akin to Woodbine that we looked at last year — in the form of a mid century style sofa, then bringing in golden tones from wood and metal accessories could really make it sing.

Pantone Greenery
Image Source

Or if that’s not your thing, just bring a little bit of Pantone Greenery into your life in the form of a new houseplant.


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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

39 thoughts on “Colour Your World | #22 Pantone Greenery {Colour Of The Year 2017}

  1. I love Wayfair, they have some great pieces and you have picked out a great selection of items. I LOVE the picture of the dark wall with the shot of green, I wasn’t convinced on this years Pantone colour, but how you have shown it, I think it works.

    1. Me too!! They’ve got some fab things haven’t they? And I feel the same — I was a little bit disappointed when I first saw Pantone’s colour of the year this year — but it’s really grown on me. So to speak! x

  2. Green is my favourite colour – all shades. And just look at that living room. Who says ‘blue and green should never be seen’ – it’s just fab. All we need now is some outdoor greenery and we are in business! #HomeEtc

  3. Oh I love how bright and fresh it feels. I have just ordered a new rug from Wayfair after searching for months for the perfect design. #HomeEtc xx

  4. love your choices! I did this post too, and actually had that top middle table and sofa short-listed as items to go on my mood board!

    1. I know, right?! I’ve worked with Pantone my whole working life, so it seemed the most natural thing in the world to start writing posts on it!! I never expected to be doing them 3 year’s later though!! :)

  5. I’ve never been sure of green but when I finished our bathroom renovation I’ve been desperate to find some wallpaper with large green leaves printed all over it! I need to get searching. xx

  6. I love your Pantone posts. Especially when I see feature images all lined up in the related posts. I really like the layout of them. I’m a fan of blog post series but the Pantone theme really appeals to me. The idea of mooching around for lovely pieces in a particular colour! Only trouble is, it can be a massive time sink for me when I start looking! Love your take on greenery. I always love seeing how different bloggers take a topic and make it their own with their own unique voice. Some lovely choices! #homeetc

    1. Aaah do you know, I do too!!! I never anticipated that I’d still be doing them after 3 years!!!! It was a really good prompt for me initially, when I started writing about things other than the boys, and motherhood. I’ve worked with the the Pantone system the whole of my working life so it was a natural thing for me to promote it on the blog. I love seeing them all lined up too! :)

  7. Do you know this is my least favourite colour ever on its own, it its mixed in with bright colours them I can cope with it, I think it reminds me of School uniforms ha ha, not that mine was even green. But you have made it look fab Caro and I do actually love the green throw x x

    1. Haha!!! School uniform?!! LOL!!! I can totally see where you’re coming from actually — even though mine wasn’t green either!! Haha!! I’m definitely starting to warm to it. Am thinking of painting our bath in it!!!!

    1. Aaah thanks chickie!! Would you be interested in working with them? I could put your name forward if so? They have asked for recommendations from current ambassadors; if you’d like to work with them, I’d be delighted to put your name forward? xx

  8. I’m a bit strange in that I’m not a big fan of green. Don’t get me wrong, I love it in nature. The only green in our house comes from plants.

    1. Aah I don’t think that’s strange!!! I’m the same — we’ve got lots of blue and grey in our home — with accents of yellow — but very little green. That said, it’s really growing on me!

  9. Green is another one of my favourite colours for the home. In our old home my living room accents were green. It really brightens up a space I love how natural and earthy green is. It gives a room such a natural feel it is lovely. xx

  10. I’m definitely a fan of this year’s Pantone shade but definitely prefer it with other colours alongside it too! Love it with the dark green :) Philippa x #HomeEtc

  11. When I saw the colour I was initially so unsure, like you I thought it would be a darker shade, but your board has convinced me a little.

    I literally have no green in our house and I am thinking this may convert me xx

    1. Aah I’d definitely go dark, if it were me!!! ;) I’m just about to repaint our snug — again!!! The colour I chose at the latter part of last year just doesn’t suit it. Am going with F&B Downpipe instead! :)

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