Chickens laying their eggs in the garden and other surprises!

So this week has been full of surprises; mostly the fact that our chickens laying their eggs in the garden!

Our rescue cat, Marlowe, broke out of the cat flap on Sunday night. I was mortified to learn that he’d escaped and was missing the next morning. Especially as we’d lost our beautiful boy Widget, last year. 

Widge didn’t come home the next morning either, as he’d been hit by a car. We found him a couple of days later — alive — but sadly it was too late to save him. To say we were devastated is an understatement.

So thank heavens Marlowe reappeared on Monday morning. I’m not sure ‘surprise’ is quite the right word when he turned up — it was probably more ‘relief’ — but gosh, was I happy to see him!


Gold Stars All Round

The Twinkles went to nursery on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and we were given their very first ‘report’!

Gold stars all round — their key workers say they’ve been settling in amazingly well.

We were given a detailed four page document for each of them, recording their progress. Also included, were photographs of the boys — eating their lunch and using the cutlery, building the train track, dressing up, doing messy play — I was amazed! I had no idea that we would be given such a detailed report. So surprised to be given it and utterly thrilled that they are getting on so well!!

It really makes me feel happy and secure in the knowledge that we’ve done the right thing — and chosen the right nursery. It’s just exactly what they need to develop.

And although it’s only four hours each session — blimey — I can get such a lot done in that time too. I did ‘day-job‘ work, house work and still had time to do lots on my blog too.

Making Plans

This year I’ve decided to grow my little blog and whilst I shall always continue to write about my 3 gorgeous boys (big, man shaped boy and the two littlies), I’ve also started to write about other things that I love.

For anyone that knows me, it’s no secret that I am an interiors junkie. Obsessed is a strong word but given the fact I have every back copy of Living Etc since it was published in 1998, I guess it would be fair to say  I am obsessed have a keen interest ;)

I published a post yesterday on colour in the home and was surprised and totally delighted to hear from one of the companies I’d featured — Only Home — offering my readers 10% off their next order.

I was genuinely bowled over and it has definitely given me the incentive to carry on.

Something else that bowled me over yesterday was getting involved in a one-to-one Twitter conversation with Sam Baker. She was the editor-in-chief of Red Magazine for 5 years and she’s a real inspiration. I couldn’t believe that she’d even responded to my tweet, let alone continued with the conversation! Amazing!!

A week full of surprises

Another surprise happened yesterday morning. I had a courier delivery — weird ‘cos I hadn’t ordered anything — and I opened it up to find it was a birthday parcel from my mum and dad! It’s my birthday on Sunday and as my dad is still recovering from a massive operation he had, just after Christmas — read about that here — they won’t be able to come and visit in person. So lovely and made me feel so grateful we all still have my daddy here!


A Surprise From Our Chickens

Finally, the last surprise this week was from our hens.

Out of four, just one of our girls has been laying for the last week. If you keep chickens,  you’ll know that hens can stop laying in the winter. They can sometimes lose their feathers too and this can last for a couple of months.

Well, I go up to their coop every afternoon and each day this week there has been just one, single white egg sitting in the straw. I just assumed that they’d gone on strike due to the cold weather; I didn’t really think any more of it…

The girls have been free-ranging all week. They’re not allowed in the main garden during the spring and summer; as they eat all the plants. But we let them roam sometimes, during the winter months. I went over to give them some scraps, left over from the boys’ lunch, and in amongst the wild garlic, what should I see?

chickens laying their eggs in the garden
Zelda The Barnevelder
chickens laying their eggs in the garden
Sasquatch — AKA Sassy (so named because she has MASSIVE FEET!)
chickens laying their eggs in the garden
chickens laying their eggs in the garden
So the chickens laying their eggs in the garden!

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  1. It was a lovely week Jocelyn! I’m so glad that my enthusiasm, for interiors, shows in these Pantone Colour posts!! I absolutely LOVE all things ‘homes’ — it’s lovely to be able to write about my interests on my blog and for other people to enjoy it too! X

  2. Thanks Kim! He is a beauty isn’t he? Shame his original owner didn’t think so — he is a rescue cat and was really neglected. At least he’ll have a loving home with us!! Thanks for your lovely comments xx

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