257 weeks and 4 days | Half Term at Cefn Gorwydd Farm {Me and Mine}

So we’re almost at the end of half term; the boys go back to school tomorrow and normal service will resume.

We’ve had such a lovely week.

We spent the first part of it in Wales visiting our friend Dai, who’s living the rural idyll, on the Gower Peninsula. 

We stayed in one of his lovely holiday cottages, at Cefn Gorwydd Farm.

It rained non-stop for the first couple of days. Incessant rain; lashing the windows and roof of the little cottage.

But it didn’t spoil our fun.

If anything, it added to it. We cosied up indoors; the boys drew and played with their LEGO. I drew and took a break from social media.

My boy watched the rugby and — even though Wales lost — he loved being able to watch the match ‘in the land of his fathers’.

Cefn Gorwydd Farm

The Welsh stone walls of cefn gorwydd farm cottages kept us safe and dry and it was so lovely to just kick back and switch off.

cefn gorwydd farm cottages

cefn gorwydd farm cottages

cefn gorwydd farm cottages

cefn gorwydd farm cottages

cefn gorwydd farm cottages

cefn gorwydd farm cottages


On the Monday the sun came out and we went to Mumbles for the day.

The boys, excited about seeing the sea (and ice-cream) mainly. And I was equally excited at the prospect of stretching my legs. A couple of days hunkering down is enough for me before I start feeling the bite of cabin fever.

We had lunch in a pub — salty chips and scampi — then walked on the beach until our legs were so tired, we could barely make our way back to the car.

It was bitterly cold — blue skies with an icy chill in the air — but, winter weather aside, there’s something so restorative about being near to the sea isn’t there?

The magnitude and beauty of an ocean seems to put everything else into perspective and I always find myself feeling so calm and peaceful, after a visit to the seaside.

Free-Range Fun

A visit to Dai’s farm was exactly what we needed.

No early morning starts, no agenda.

The boys — and their daddy and I — slept long and deeply, for the first time in (what felt like) ages.

We filled our lungs with fresh Welsh air. The boys ran and laughed. They stomped through the farm-yard and jumped in muddy puddles.

They petted the donkeys and fed the horses; delighting in the soft snuffly noses, crunching carrots from their flat, outstretched palms.

It was the kind of holiday that I remember so fondly, from my own childhood.

Simple — no bells and whistles — no feeling like we had to ‘entertain’ the boys; to take them places or amuse and engage them.

Spending time together, in a beautiful setting, and hanging out with our friend was all we needed.

cefn gorwydd farm cottages
Cefn Gorwydd Farm Cottages

Me and Mine

I’ve not done a ‘Me and Mine‘ post for so long.

I’ve continued to take my monthly pics of the boys, albeit I haven’t been sharing them in a Siblings post.

But when I scroll back over my blog, although I’ve written the odd catch up post, I really miss seeing these diary entries.

This is why I began this online journal in the first place and these are the posts that I like to read back over, as the years roll by.

And it just goes to show just how quickly the years seem to fly past.

The last time we visited Dai was on the boys’ 2nd birthday.

We had just returned from a few days at Bluestone and took photos of them on the same bench that is pictured here.

Two tiny little boys, dressed in their blue and red jerseys.

Amazing to see how the last three years have altered and shaped my two little sons.

Exploring The Gower

The Gower is such a great place to explore. If you want a country bolt-hole — close to rolling hills but near to the seaside — Dai’s holiday cottages are the perfect base.

We so enjoyed our little trip to South Wales. It definitely feels as though we’ve made the most of the half term break and the boys will be going back to school tomorrow with their batteries fully charged.

This post has also made me realise that I need to get back to basics and write about the things that make me the happiest.

My monthly Me and Mine posts slipped last year.

There was so much going on; it was such a crazy year.

My skiing accident, the boys finishing nursery, then starting school. I didn’t make time for these monthly posts and I know — in the future — that I’ll feel sad that there are so many months that I didn’t record.

Particularly when I compare the little faces in these pictures to the tiny babies in our very first me and mine post.

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