The Twinterview | Tracey from the blog ‘All About Twins’

The eighth interview in the Twinterview series is with newbie blogger, Tracey, who has started a blog called All About Twins, to compile her tips and advice on all things twin related. The twin parenting community is really supportive and it’s always lovely to see another mama of multiples sharing her twin life hacks! How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? I was completely shocked! We found out at our twelve-week scan and I honestly had no idea that there were two babies in there. I was glad I was lying down. I spent the next few days alternating between panicking and laughing hysterically. Did you have a straightforward pregnancy? Yes it was really straightforward. I didn’t have any morning sickness but I did feel exhausted for the full nine months. The last few months in particular were quite difficult, as twin bumps are really heavy and I had absolutely no energy at all. I went off some food like Chinese Takeaways and couldn’t stand the smell of my perfumes. On the upside I could eat more chocolate, as the twins burned off all of my calories between them. How was your birth experience? My twins were both lying in a breech position so I was scheduled… Read More

The Twinterview | Hayley from the blog ‘Hayley From Home’

  My seventh Twinterview in the series is with my lovely friend Hayley,  who writes a fabulous parenting and lifestyle blog called Hayley From Home. I remember so clearly when her twins were born and it’s been so lovely to see her three boys growing up together. Her answers to the Twinterview questions are really fantastic. Any expectant mama (or daddy) of twins would be hard pressed to find more honest and helpful advice. And with that, it’s over to Hayley! How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? Totally shocked; I hadn’t ever thought that it might be twins so we went to the twelve week scan as normal. Just as the lady started the scan the thought popped into my head then flew out again. The first thing she said was ‘Well, I have some news’ as soon as she said that I knew and I looked over at my bewildered husband, we both laughed. I remember her asking if we had any other children and I said ‘yes, a boy who is nearly two’, we just kept looking at each other, shaking our heads and laughing. For the first hour I was on cloud nine,… Read More

The Twinterview | Amber from Goblin Child

My sixth guest post in the Twinterview series is with Amber. She and her partner Kirsty blog over at ‘Goblin Child‘.  They have beautiful twin boys — Balthazar and Lysander — plus their first child (of the furry-faced variety) a little dog called Posy! Their blog is a visual treat; beautiful photography often teamed with very lovely kid’s fashion. She’s given some really interesting answers and her birth experience is in stark contrast to Beth, who gave our last  Twinterview. How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? Stunned!  Though I was the only person who was surprised. My twins were conceived by IVF and the HFEA recommends that in under-35s (I was twenty-five) only one embryo is put back into the uterus.  I had insisted on two and actually signed a disclaimer that basically stated that I was aware of the risks of multiples and wouldn’t sue them if it happened, but I was still incredibly surprised when both embryos took.  My partner was convinced that it was twins from the very beginning, as was everybody else who knew about the IVF and consequent pregnancy. My partner had always wanted twins and I had found the idea intriguing, so the reality of it felt… Read More

The Twinterview | Beth from Twinderelmo

  My fifth guest post Twinterview is with the fabulous Beth who blogs over at  ‘Twinderelmo‘.  She’s given some fantastic insights into what it’s like to be a mama of twins; with some lovely positive thoughts on her birth experience plus top tips — and advice — for any new mum (or dad) of multiples.  How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? We found out at our routine 12 week scan. Our babies are honeymoon babies so it was the most amazing thing to happen! I had no idea I could have twins — naively I thought twins run in families and your parents/grandparents had to be a twin for you to have them — so I was gobsmacked when we saw two heartbeats on the screen. An absolutely amazing memento from our honeymoon. Did you have a straightforward pregnancy? I had very bad nausea and sickness but luckily this stopped around 17-18 weeks. I had terrible heartburn and acid reflux making it hard to lie down and sleep but about 34 weeks I was diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis which drove me mad itching but luckily it didn’t cause any other problems. How was your twin birth experience? Wonderful. I had an emergency c-section with my… Read More

The Twinterview | Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy

  My fourth Twinterview guest post is with Emily who blogs over at  ‘Twin Mummy & Daddy‘.  She’s stepped forward and has some great advice for new mums and dad’s of twins. How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? My husband and I pretty much knew before we had any scans that we’d be expecting twins because we’d had IVF. We decided to have two embryos put back to increase our chances of being pregnant. It was still a bit of a shock, but we were just so excited that we were pregnant! Did you have a straightforward pregnancy? Thankfully yes! I had no morning sickness, nothing! Toward the end of my pregnancy I had trouble sleeping — and the top of my legs were quite achy — but that was it! How was your twin birth experience? I had a planned c-section at 32 weeks because one of our girls stopped growing. I was terrified, as I’ve never had an operation before, but it went well and I didn’t feel in too much pain. How did you cope with having twins in the early days? Our girls spent the first 27 days of their lives in a neo-natal ward, so it was pretty stressful. When we… Read More

The Twinterview | Karen from Mini Travellers

  Our third Twinterview guest post is with Karen who founded the amazing  kids travel blog ‘Mini Travellers‘. She’s bravely stepped up to the plate and has agreed to answer the questions that every new parent of twins would love to know! How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? Absolutely horrified initially! Lily was only 5 months old when we went for our first scan and they suggested it ‘might’ be twins. It was a really early scan and they couldn’t quite tell. The week later they ‘knew’. Did you have a straightforward pregnancy? Actually yes, although as they were identical twins I was scanned every couple of weeks, to check they weren’t developing TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). I was terrified when I first read all about it and worried every time I went for a scan. But actually it all worked out fine and I carried the girls to 35 plus 4 weeks. How was your birth experience? I had a C-section booked for 37 weeks but didn’t quite get there as my waters broke at 35 weeks so I had a C-section the next day. My girls were born at great weights; 5lb 13oz and 6lb 1oz. My Cesarean didn’t quite work… Read More

The Twinterview | Kat — Beau Twins

  Our second Twinterview guest post is with the gorgeous Kat who writes over at the UK lifestyle blog ‘Beau Twins‘. She’s given some brilliant, frank, answers to the questions all new mamas (and papas!) of twins would love to know.   How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? OK, this is going to sound very odd to some readers but my head exploded because, for years, I have been saying I will have twin girls and will call them Freyja and Grace. Call it a sixth sense — whatever the reason behind it — my best friends of 16 years will vouch for me. So it was more of a welcome, happy, shock that I was right all those years ago; eight to be precise! I think a lot of people didn’t think I would settle down and have kids, although I was always told what a great mum I would make. Which is lovely of course. Did you have a straightforward pregnancy? To a degree it was pretty straightforward, as twin pregnancies go. Lots of consultant appointments and lots of scans. My two were DCDA, which basically means two eggs — non identical — and each had their own sacs and placenta. So very low risk compared to an identical… Read More

The Twinterview | Jess — Mummy Of Girl and Boy Twins

My first Twinterview guest post is with the lovely Jess who blogs over at ‘Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins‘. She’s kindly put herself in the spotlight and has agreed to answer a few questions that any new (or expectant) parent of twins is dying to ask…  over to you Jess!   How did you feel when you first found out you were having twins? So shocked. We had been through IVF (this was our 3rd round) and we had 2 embryos put back in this time, so there was always a chance of having twins, but when they confirmed it at the 7 week routine scan, we couldn’t believe it! We were stunned! Speechless! It was an amazing moment though and I will never forget it. Did you have a straightforward pregnancy? Not really. We were under consultant care throughout, and so we had a lot of appointments and scans, and were well looked after, however we also had quite a few scares. I had a bleed at 9 weeks which was frightening, and then one at 21 weeks – I went into hospital and was monitored. I also suffered with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) throughout the pregnancy, which affects the pelvis, and I really… Read More